Sunday 25 September 2016

Here's how it goes kids:

As you know from my previous blogs, I listen to BBC Radio 2 all day, and Jeremy Vine had a 'talkie-bit' about Bloggers on his Friday Show, and I got to thinking, now that we've MOVED from The Funny Farm, and life has 'moved on a tad', I might think about starting to write a totally new blog now?

down on the funny farm, welcometothefunnyfarmthatstidy  proved quite popular around the world (don't ask me why exactly) and it escalated from 30 odd thousand to about 43,000 views now?

For those of you around the globe that fancy reading about my new adventures, sadly without my adorable gardening cat anymore.... (but watch this space for a new one) and the slightly more greying Trousers (ouch! that hurt?) then why not find me writing on our new business facebook site:
thepottingshedwhitchurch or contact us at:

We're located in gorgeous, more permanent premises just over the Welsh border in Herefordshire now, very conveniently placed adjacent to Symonds Yat West in the beautiful Wye Valley.
Our new place is historically a 19thC Library and Coffee House, dating back to the late 1890s, and we are soooooo happy here.

We've only been open here since March 1st 2016, and our new business is 'heading in the right direction' - so go take a looksee!

Take Care Now,

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