Thursday, 30 April 2009

Heaven On Earth

So! Some of the cardboard boxes are unpacked, and my very first priority is to say 'Thank You' to every single Angel that has the dubious task of looking after me on this earth, as I'm well aware of what a nightmare of a 'charge' I am?, and you've got my utmost respect for taking the job on 'at all', let alone 'in the first place' guys or girls.
And I'm kind of guessing that My Angels were born with an incredibly Excellent Sense of Humour. (See Angels Tutting, and nodding Sagely)

Wellie did definitely dig up her 3-year old Asparagus Crowns, and Trousers and I had the very first pickings of the crop this evening in a Risotto. Trousers says that I'm really good at making Risotto, which is a lovely compliment, and kind of makes me 'try harder' every time to better the last one that he ate.

And then I just HAD to show you this? Trousers is unsure - but it had Wellie Kitchen written completely all over it and made me laugh out loud. But then again, I do have an 'off the wall' sense of humour, and no excuses or apologies in case you're expecting any.

Shall we name him? I vote YES! and i shall look forward to all of your suggestions over the coming days/weeks/months.
Feel free. The floor is entirely yours' Peeps!
And Bless You for Watching Again. X.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Testing, Testing, One Two Three...

...Three Two One - You're Back in the Room! And you're most welcome.....
And this room, The Conservatory, is kind of Wellie's new 'Play Room'. Whilst it's North-East facing, it's much much lighter than our previous conservatory, and the sunlight, whilst 'dappled', goes on into the late afternoon.

Obviously, I'm going to have to 'suck it and see', in terms of what I can grow in the Conservatory, according to how much sun, and the temperature etc. but hey, I've got loads of plants, and tonnes of patience.

Well now. Wellie and Trousers have been incredibly busy since you and I last spoke, we've moved out of our previous home, and into The Funny Farm, (and please do wipe 'Welcome to the Funny Farm' from your minds (3-2-1) because our Blog has had to be 'Down on The Funny Farm' in the end?!) But I kind of like it much better actually.

I'm getting my new kitchen 'up and running'... it's so fabulous to have enough cupboard space to put everything. I feel very priv, priv......spoilt, because I now don't have to have half of my kitchen utensils in a shed in the garden anymore, because The Funny Farm Kitch has got loads and loads of cupboard space.

And hey, will you check out the posh kettle next to the Rayburn? My very lovely client gave Trousers and I that as a Present. It whistles when it's boiled, which helps to remind Trousers as to why he boiled the kettle in the first place? (See Wellie shake her head children....)

Okie Dokie - We're now in 'The Regency Room' - alternatively known as 'The Snoring Room'?!
and so Trousers has 'baggsed this room for his very own. And I don't blame him, it's very lovely, and looks out onto Wellie's new Potager Garden.

Trousers wasn't at home yesterday, and I spent a fantastically productive day in the garden, desperately trying to get some semblence of order out of the moving chaos. The Removal Firm we used were absolutely fantastic - how can two men bring such joy, wit and sanity into such a dreadfully stressful day! Goodness knows what it would have been like if there had been 'A Chain' at either end of the sale (!), but thankfully there was not, or I suspect that the cat may have had something to say about it.....
Actually, The Cat Thing didn't go all that well?! I borrowed a proper Cat Carrier from 'The Happy Couple' (clients of mine) and once I'd got BC into it, it all went fairly 'its up from there really, so she ended up yelling her head off, and Wellie ended up in tears in Stroud & Swindon.....
How on earth does one accumulate so much over the years? I don't know. But actually, if I had a £ for every time someone asked me where I bought that rusty old mangle, or that rusty old arbour.... I'd be a rich woman. So all of our 'junk' has fitted so beautifully into our new home, and we are really excited and delighted.
Which is what our new Blog is going to be about.
Down on The Funny Farm.

With some of our new neighbours............

And most especially, my very own gardening cat BC (Black Cat), who is now absolutely LOVING it.

Forgive me, we've been AWOL for a while during our move, and now that we have 'a land line' and 'tinertnet connection' again, there's every possibility that we may either ignore you, or be in touch?!
Bless you for reading this.