Sunday, 28 October 2012

Birthday Greetings from The Funny Farm

I myself have just turned the ripe old age of 52 Children, whereas this little bundle of fluff, was just days old when I took the photo.  And whatever age I be, I will aways remain  'A Kitten at heart'... or do I mean 'A Cat among The Pigeons', 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof', or just Catastrophically Nuts ?
Trousers is convinced I haven't shown these two photos before now, because they were still on my camera.  Yes, I've had kittens, and it's a bird on the Laundry Dolly sweetheart, it happens when you go to work?  So now, they're off my camera, he's happy, and Wellie can get on with her life in peace once more.

Changing the subject rather - and knowing how much profit Mr. & Mrs. Tesco make each year, I would steer you clear, Boys'n'Girls of being tempted to buy their pack of Mini Sparklers for the princely sum of £2, because in my humble experience, they don't....
I bought them to decorate a very special Birthday Cake that I'd made, and they wouldn't remotely with a household match, stubbornly refusing to with a tealight too? 

And having spent quite so much time, energy and braincells on re-creating this Great British Bake Off Showstopping Chocolate Raspberry Opera Cake, the complicated method, and ingredients of which beautifully sung on for two WHOLE pages (I'm not a natural baker Kids.....), I refused to take a Bunson Burner to the Mini Sparklers, in case I set fire to the cake, the upturned posh wooden Carving Board I'm emotionally attached to, or indeed, the box of matches, potentially so close to Trousers' manhood.

Just how many times do I have to tell you NOT to make your own story up Children?!X

Anyway, my good self shares a birthday (all the best people are Scorpios) not only with my best friends' husband, but also, with the oldest resident in our village, who was 94 on Friday....And so it was, that Ian and I had a joint celebration....himself liking a Chocolate Cake or three.

With having mentioned to Ian that Adele had sung that song, and the new James Bond 'Skyfall' movie was being released especially FOR us on our birthday, he appropriately turned up 'suited and booted' last night, as handsome as the star himself. And my best friend, M, looked pretty gorgeous herself, if she doesn't mind me saying so?

She and I recently took ourselves off to a new local craft shop, and learned how to 'Felt', and she had made me a felted gift tag with a WellieBoot on it, (disappointed about the lack of Sarah Raven laces though Babe?!) and had made a gorgeous woolly Snood(?) for me in my favourite Scorpio colours, and fab felt flower-band.  And three beautiful birthday cards (photos to follow on next blog).

We spent our celebration at home, with a couple of new and lovely 'Village Friendlies' in front of a roaring fire.  Luckily, we DO  have a fireplace, so don't overtly worry yourselves that we're homeless now?....
Not remotely because they brought card/prezzies will we be wanting to spend more quality and enjoyable times with them..... but the homemade bottle of Sloe Gin did happen to nail our friendship at least until Christmas?!   We hugely enjoyed their company, for the first proper 'getting to know you' since The Village Show back in August, so thank you SO much you two, for making our evening even more special than planned.  And the extra cake IS on the way for all of your hungry boys.

Oh my LORD!  I've not told you about The Village Show yet?
What a right royal success THAT was, in the end..........

For now,  Keep Safe, Keep Warm, and see you next time.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Helloey My Gorgeous Worldwide Friends!

Wellie has prolly missed all of you WAY much more than you have missed her in the last few months, but I can assure you that I am fit'n'well now, and raring to go 'like a bull in a china shop'!

You know, with Trousers having, this evening, sorted out just how to provide a link for you all to access my new business blog 'Funky Nora on The Funny Farm' (which at the moment, you can't Google separately for some reason?), and attached a counter to that blog, and this, I am now dead 'cited to find that within 2012, I've had nearly 19,000 views from all over the world... so as far as I'm concerned, each and every one of you can pat yourselves on the back for being 'Completely Epic', and I'd personally like to thank you all for being completely misguided?!   But I genuinely love and applaude you, my friends.X.

Now then.  In order to gently 'tease you' into my new Funky Nora Business Blog, I want to point out to you, that I have an eye for fabrics, a penchant for sewing and a passion for creating.  But because I love what I create, whether it be a purr from my cat, something as lovely as a Denis Cotter vegetarian chilli, or my Funky Nora Limited Editions that I'm in the process of creating, I care about each and every single one of them. 
You will be able to see my Funky Nora Limited Editions, and Blog only via the link (top left of this Funny Farm Blog, allegedly) for now, until Trousers isn't working 16 hours a day and has the time to even kiss me, let alone anything else............
I've told you before Children, do NOT make your own story up?!

Incidentally, don't you just HATE it when you buy something gorgeous, and then you see someone else with the same?  That's why I'm 'creating' Funky Nora, because whether it's a gift for your very favourite, an angelic dress for your newborn's Christening, a really 'tantrum tiara' dress for her tea party, a pretty pair of summer PJ's, a new Pinny just because, the funkiest of handbags, or a little something for your other half to buy to make you feel as special as you are?....

Funky Nora is where you'll need to be, and as I make them, you will get 'first choice' before I sell them elsewhere.

I won't tease you any further for now.... but remember the words 'Limited Editions' by Funky Nora.
And I'm wearing my first Funky Nora Pinny, if you please........X

It's my birthday this Friday, and I'm treating my party guests to my favourite chef's chilli, with lime soured cream, and garlic bread on Saturday night.  Homemade Pinot Grigio and Merlot, yummy puddings, and a chocolate birthday cake.

Bless you for being here again, and my love for now,