Friday, 6 July 2012


...and no-one sees those little webbed feet under that sparkly water, 'flippering' away frantically to keep that calm eiderdown of unflustered feathers so cool, calm, and collected, water off a duck's back above the parapet?

I just love it, and adore it.  And having 'reinvented' the floor-plan now for the 2012 Itton Village Show over the last few weeks, 'tucked up with teddy' on A Sicky with my cat at The Funny Farm, I have learned SO much about how this beautiful village show ticks, and the people within it.
And that's been such an enjoyable time for me.
Without a doubt, that level of research can only benefit the future of The Village Show, to determine what's good, what's popular, and which wheels need to be reinvented, or conveniently 'fall off'.

And whilst Trousers and I had valuable Oil in our tank, feeding the Rayburn with cooking fuel, and hot washing-up water (!) for kind of free, it made sense to put all that to good use, and bake as many fairy cakes, summer fruit tarts and (unfortunately!) a few sponge 'Frisbies'(?!) for The Show, and fill our freezer with them.  (I've not had 150 Fairies in my Freezer before, and never quite that much flour, sugar and butter all over my kitchen walls?!)

Anyway... Medina and I had a meeting AT The Village Hall this afternoon, and thankfully, every inch of my new Show Layout worked an absolute treat, from paper to reality.
And the two of us positioned the Showbenches, mapped out our new Raffle Table, and visually positioned all of our Trophies and funky new Certificates, took new measurements, and had totally new breakthrough Epic moments (which almost entirely belonged to Medina!)

It was SO lovely to be able to do that in an empty Village Hall, just now beginning to imagine 'the real thing' in 8 weeks' time, and to start properly getting excited about staging it 'for real'.

There's a lot to be done yet at home behind the scenes, and many many Raffle Prizes to be sourced from the locale, if we can persuade anyone to help us out in that direction.

I'll pass on your good wishes for a speedy recovery to my cat too?  She has one hell of a sore throat today....