Sunday, 19 July 2009

Sorry... AWOL!

Completely 'Absent Without Leave' - and I DO beg your pardon, but I have been up to my proverbial armpits, as you may, or may not imagine.

There's Good News, and there's Bad News; and it kind of goes Good/Bad, Good/Bad, Good/Bad.

Get my drift?

The fantastically good news is that our friends The Piglets came to stay last weekend and we all had a complete ball, they loved the place, we never stopped laughing, we went to our local village produce show, the village fete, where both boys won a coconut each (!) (and got drowned into the beer tent, thankfully!) and next day we went with Mad As A Box Of Spanners Rachie and her gorgeous Fiance and The Piggies to a fantastically enjoyable Hog Roast in aid of The Alzheimers Society, which is close to the heart of this village, and our lovely Egg Lady.

Village Life is so rich still in this community, and whilst the majority of those taking part are more shall we say 'elderly' than Trousers and I (!!), it is our pleasure to be a part of their village, and we look forward to whatever it may bring.

The bad news, is that Mrs. Piglet had our camera in her handbag when they returned home, and I had her ballpoint pen. It's difficult to say at this juncture..... but I'm betting that maybe I'm more miffed than she is. May I send you the postage darling for it's return soonest?!

I've had a lovely time ferrying well-rotted manure from the yard to my new Ornamental Kitchen Garden, and not ONCE have I slipped into the Slurry Pit whilst Trousers has been at work (phew! - careful footwork there by Wellie children!!)

And the weeds, oh, the weeds! It's a good job you can't see my Onion Bed? Actually, in all honesty, I can't see my Onion Bed! but in amongst the perpetual showers today (with my waterproofs on) I attempted to weed the best looking onions to maybe salvage just SOMETHING useable for the kitchen.... (boo hoo, boo hoo)

Unfortunately Scarey55 my darling, I've abandoned the Jermor Shallots, as quite frankly, they're Cr@p (did you find the same?!)

However, I planted some of Hazel at the Hill's Runner Bean Seeds, and they're doing okay darling, and my cat is enjoying the shade/rain-cover that the wigwams provide her in her noo garden!

All of my immature figs got picked off by birds, as did the ruddy peaches, the immature Stella Cherries (all two of them) got knocked off when it fell over in the wind, BUT! I have two sour Morello Cherries and one Nectarine to my name still - how lucky am I children?!

I can also report from Down on The Funny Farm, that the slugs and snails and greenfly are playing complete havoc with my Aubergines. Next year, Wellie is declaring war.

The Tomatoes, Peppers and Cape Gooseberries, Chillies and Grapes are kind of top banana right now, as are the fresh herbs - so I mustn't grumble, eh?!

I can't begin to describe to you the sheer excitement I feel at being on the cusp of designing and creating my ultimate Kitchen Garden. With all the mistakes that I've foolishly made at The Cottage, I'm giving extra time and thought to it this time around.

My plans encompass every aspect of creating a garden that's pretty AND productive, all year round. A tall order, obviously, but well worth the time spent in the planning.

So, I'll see you next time I'm here.
Thank you so very much for watching.....