Friday, 25 May 2012

I Apologise.... I'm Having Way Too Much Fun?

M and I had a rather lovely Itton Village Show meeting this afternoon in The Funny Farm Garden, (with only 13 weeks to go now, time does fly when you're having fun Children?)  It was SO appreciated in 'The Minutes of The Meeting' that Wellie and Medina had coloured in every single copy of the hundreds of front and back covers of The Show Schedule 'by hand', with grown-up crayons, and that we'd emailed/phoned each other virtually every day to see who had 'coloured in' the most Flobalobs that day?..... I might even treat my Mother to a copy so that she can appreciate how very much both my maternal and paternal grandfathers taught me so fantastically well?
I know M and I shouldn't have this much fun at our age?..... BUT WE JUST ARE.... Okay?
And Wellie was a little bit upset about something yesterday, so M brought me A Pig Biscuit On A Stick, because I'm HogMother to her Three Piglets........ and expertly she advised me that I could 'bite its ears off' and pretend that it was Trousers? I started by biting its' ears off,.... and kind of got 'carried away' Children?
I can't remember what time I emailed her, but later that evening, I broke the news to her that The Pig On A Stick was well and truly dead Angel?

With my not very good computer skills, I've purposely not spoken about the previous photos, in order not to lose this beautiful photo within the blog that I love?  And to bring you heartfelt speaks about the photo, because no words on this page will ever describe how Mum and Baby suffered for the absolute MINUTES that they were parted from each other, and I'm not magnificent, because it was just 'opening a gate' for me to encourage baby back to Mum......And whilst that took what seemed like a lifetime to happen for them, it was something that I was able to do for the two of them, because I happened to just be there.

I LOVE where I live with an absolute passion, and I've never felt that before now.
Isn't that lovely?X

Wherever you are, be inspired and make the best of what you enjoy.
My Love.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Don't You Just LOVE Life?

Trousers is the person that we all have to thank for even viewing these kittens, because without his Private Dick/PI skills, we wouldn't be aware that they were even there in the first place?
He is TOP Banana when it comes to Observation, and never misses a trick.

Having told our very special friends, and invited them round to see them, the Mum Cat had decided to move them from underneath the oil tank, and we were all completely 'gutted' then to be looking at an empty space last evening.  So Wellie went out there on A Mission today to locate where Mum had moved them to...and Phew! it was only 'feet away', vocally given away by the squeaking of Stripey Kitten, who'd lost the map to The Milking Machine, bless her cotton paws.X

Now THIS is what I also call 'A Result'?:
My lovely friend Medina came over this afternoon to view the kittens, and we were walking around The Funny Farm with a chilled glass of Pinot Grigio each, sharing stories of how our crops were growing in our greenhouses, picking wild garlic, spring onions, lamenting that not a sodding Asparagus has bothered to do much yet? and 'itching' to get planting all of our Serbian/Borlotti, French and Runner Beans, and just how all of that is beautifully coming together for our veg plots and Village Show at the end of August.

I'd shared with her previously my tears about the fact that this Ewe had struggled so badly to give birth to her dead baby, and how I'd stayed with her for over an hour until I found help.
And then I told her about how the fleece of the still-born had been tied to an 'abandoned' lamb of another, and that we were all hoping she'd take to it instead?
Look closely now.....  Neat Trick in the Lambing World: This lamb has the fleece of the still-born-lamb tied to it, and thankfully, finally, this Ewe has accepted this one as her own instead.  I've been SO on their case, watching them since the tragic birth episode, and every time I see these two together now, I just have to smile deep inside for the both of them.X

Already so soon, I'm booking myself onto a How To Deliver A Dodgy Lamb Course next year?
And it's NOTHING to do with 'Cooking Badly'.....  How I just completely, once again, cried laughing all over my non-waterproof Mascara there M?!
You think I'm joking, but there's a Vet in the Raglan area who does courses in how to deliver lambs in whatevver guise they present themselves from the birthing Ewe.  And I am ON it my friends....Never a dull moment for Your Auntie Wellie, and I can't think of a better way to spend £25, because handbags are just a waste of time?.X

Next time, I might treat you to a sneaky preview of what I'm growing to eat in our Kitchen Garden?
And remind me to feed back to you some of the lovely comments about our new Show Schedule for 2012.
For now, love you and leave you.
In the meantime, give 5 minutes of your time to someone that you care about, and give them a big hug.X