Sunday, 31 March 2013

How ARE You?!........

Invariably, the reply is: "Top Banana Thanks......  It's just everyone ELSE?!"

Dead humorous, whether it's me or you saying it.  But sometimes, just sometimes, it's far truer than you'd like it to be, and you have to spend time being with yourself, healing yourself from the harm that others have inadvertently caused you. 
Powerful words from Wellie, but never a truer word spoken in jest just here.
So forgive me hugely for having to take this time out on that score.

But I'm back now in spite of all of that in a much stronger personal space and capacity.

And I'm truly looking forward to your company once again, from now on.

With the sun shining so beautifully today, I put some baby Parsnip seeds to chit on damp kitchen paper in a Tupperware box beside the cooker.  It's called 'pre-germinating, or chitting' in the world of propagation, and will ensure that I know WHEN I have a viable Parsnip to sow into the ground?

Wellie hugely needs to pull her horticultural finger out now.  Time is marching on, the weather MAY get more clement if we're remotely lucky, lucky, I should be so lucky? and then it'll be Rock'n'Roll my friends.

Let's be careful out there Children?

Sunday, 13 January 2013


I can only apologise.

I took some rather lovely photos this afternoon, and told you a whole Wellie story this evening about our Christmas Breakfast and Presents, and EVERYTHING, and we've had a Computer 'Blip' - which has meant that I know ALL of that story, and you don't?

Again.  My apologies, and we'll try to fix the problem to bring you the story very soon.

HUG WELLIE in 2013......

When I said (in my Cracker of a Christmas blog) that my friend Elsie had visited with bouquet and prezzies, I had no idea that her thoughtfulness went far deeper than that lovely evening..  She had put so much thought into choosing our prezzie, even down to adding my cat BC into the bottom-right-hand-corner of our prezzie to artistic effect, which actually looks far more like BC than BC does herself.  And it's going to look Epic, framed in pride of place in my kitchen Poppet, so Thank You from the bottom of my heart.X

The Sunday before Christmas, we were invited to enjoy breakfast with our friends Ian and Medina.  And were not only treated to a gorgeous brekkie, but a surprise stocking of little goodies to open at the breakfast table. 

They've never quite forgotten when Wellie popped a whole chilli-stuffed green olive into her mouth on their sofa a few months back, and cried with laughter for a good half hour, needing an urgent injection of natural yoghurt from their fridge to kiss it better?  so M cheekily bought me some Waterproof Mascara, some gorgeous mauve nailvarnish, clementines and a selection of NUTS, (like she's in no way trying to suggest that I am?)

 AND, what made me laugh out loud............ A Knitted Sprout with a Christmas Hat on..
I told you I wasn't joking - and here is the very proof that it exists in all its' glory.  The girl is a Crafty Genius.  And that wasn't where the laughter ended, because given that Trousers used to be A Mouse in a previous life.....she made something very close to his heart as well..........
.....a wedge of knitted Cheese!!

Don't you wish YOU had friends like that Children?

You see that's exactly what I love about my life these days....... being utterly to laugh out loud, completely and utterly at yourself, and with people that you adore, totally being who you are, rather than the person you're expected or supposed to be. 
Laugh, cry, throw teddies out of prams, pick up, dust down, carry on.

I'm afraid it hasn't been a productive time though in the Funny Farm Kitchen Garden yet.  The sun rises there, but quickly moves around to the front of the house, so the frost lingers in the back garden, and so too in the creative side of my brain.  I'm not sure about you, but every year I suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder).  'Trust Me, I'm A Gardener' means that I love being outside in the Sunshine, and hate being inside when it isn't.  So I tend to cook/hibernate/sew/knit/cook/hibernate.
But thankfully, my sense of humour never leaves me.
Nor does my love of words.

So when Ian and M bought me THE HOROLOGICON by Mark Forsyth for Christmas, it meant that I could take my love of words to another level.  His book is superbly written, with such wit as you'd wish you'd written it yourself.

Nor does my love of my Garden Birds. I feed them twice a day.  Luckily where we live, we have a CountryWide Store, and you can get a ruddy big sack of mixed corn for £7.99 for feeding Poultry.  This is FAR cheaper than buying dead expensive garden centre crap in small bags for huge dosh Children.

I AM beginning to get my head around the Itton Village Show, with who M and I would love to help us this year? and what our 2013 Show Schedule is gorgeously going to be....
so if you're interested in local village shows, keep one eye open on ours', and have a giggle at the same time maybe.

My Love for now.  Keep Safe.  Keep Warm, and I'll see you next time.