Sunday, 31 March 2013

How ARE You?!........

Invariably, the reply is: "Top Banana Thanks......  It's just everyone ELSE?!"

Dead humorous, whether it's me or you saying it.  But sometimes, just sometimes, it's far truer than you'd like it to be, and you have to spend time being with yourself, healing yourself from the harm that others have inadvertently caused you. 
Powerful words from Wellie, but never a truer word spoken in jest just here.
So forgive me hugely for having to take this time out on that score.

But I'm back now in spite of all of that in a much stronger personal space and capacity.

And I'm truly looking forward to your company once again, from now on.

With the sun shining so beautifully today, I put some baby Parsnip seeds to chit on damp kitchen paper in a Tupperware box beside the cooker.  It's called 'pre-germinating, or chitting' in the world of propagation, and will ensure that I know WHEN I have a viable Parsnip to sow into the ground?

Wellie hugely needs to pull her horticultural finger out now.  Time is marching on, the weather MAY get more clement if we're remotely lucky, lucky, I should be so lucky? and then it'll be Rock'n'Roll my friends.

Let's be careful out there Children?

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