Wednesday, 26 December 2012

A Cracker of A Christmas

 Hang out the Christmas Bunting, and knock me over with a Trumpless Knitted Sprout, Trousers and I didn't row ONCE this Yuletide!   And I can honestly say it has been the best Christmas I've ever had.  Deep Joy.X

My friend Elsie surprised the Festive Pants off me by visiting with the most beautiful bouquet.  Not only that.... the naughty girl also brought prezzies for ourselves and our nearest'n'dearest friends, Ian & Medina, who joined us to party through the day - and party, we properly did Boys'n'Girls...

With Trousers decorating The Christmas Tree, preparing and cooking The Christmas Lunch, AND doing all the washing up, Wellie decorated the house, handmade the Crackers (containing a Lottery Ticket, a tube of childish Smarties, and an even more childish joke) but otherwise had not a jot of stress or a care in the world.  Apart from....
 ...the small inconvenience of managing to lose her entire bunch of keys on Christmas Eve lunchtime between The Co-Op, Wilkinsons, Pie Corner, and Chepstow Creates.
No.  It wasn't funny actually, because I didn't discover it until I was ready to come home at 4 o'clock, upturning my handbag on the pavement over and over, only to discover that they still hadn't magically appeared.  I returned to my truck, 'Moneypenny' (4x4 x Bond) and it was indeed locked with no visible evidence of them round about.  I retraced my steps, both mentally and physically, but to no avail.
Trousers kindly came to scoop me up in his van, and we searched The Funny Farmhouse for an extra Moneypenny Key - eventually giving up in favour of a stiff Pinot Grigio instead.

 Vowing to completely park the unfortunate Moneypenny incident from our minds, we bravely soldiered on with enjoying ourselves, and opened many a fine gift around the tree, including Elsie's, which was completely epic.

Ian was a clever dick, and worked out how to take a 'click and dash' photo of us all from my camera - making us all feel a bit like The Simpsons on the sofa for a moment....and Trousers kept slipping into every avenue of conversation all afternoon that I'd lost my keys!

 At last!  A half-decent photo of the two of us without our eyes closed or Wellie looking like Miss Piggy.....  And Wellie is sporting her very first, and treasured Cashmere Cardi, for which I Love You Trousers.X
 I wasn't joking about the knitted brussel sprout by the way?  M made it for me.  And because she keeps making mistakes with her knitting, having to unpick most of what she's done, I made her a bespoke knitting bag which has the words 'Knit One' on one side....and 'Drop One' on the other?  Honest to God, it gives us SECONDS of hilarity Children!
I hope you're all having as much fun this Yuletide?

Keep Safe, Stay Warm, and I'll see you next time.