Saturday, 30 June 2012

My Apologies....

I have been such a poorly girl lately? and Trousers will tell you that I just 'don't do' being ill, in whatever shape or form, Boys'n'Girls, so it's kind of nice to feel marginally better for now, and be here catching up with you all.

I am truly amazed to see how many of you are reading my blog from every corner of the world now (in whatever language you speak.....:you must be completely Bonkers?) but I'm still incredibly pleased that you are, and I adore that you are.... So Thank You.X

My friend Medina, and I, are forging forwards with huge excitement now, with only 8 weeks, and counting, putting together the totally new 2012 Itton Village Show for Sunday Bank Holiday end of August.

It was a 'ruddy good job' Children, that Wellie measured The Village Hall so accurately a few months back, making a Foot by Foot Floor Plan, because at the last 'shout', (read: AGM) I learned that it wasn't permissable to have tables now where they were last year, because of Elf'n'Safety'n'Fire'n'Stuff, and consequently, have had to totally 'rethink' the entire layout of the whole Show, since The Show first happened 20 or so years ago.
Exactly Right and Proper for safety of Jo Public, and I haven't a problem there, but not particularly 'helpful' for a girl in The Village trying to keep the Marmite & Lemon Curd Scones separate in her first true year of organising it, from the.........

Actually, I DO so love A Challenge?
And because I felt so unwell again last night, I sat at our kitchen table, and completely 're-invented' the layout of the entire Itton Village Show floor-plan/show benches, foot by foot, with a mug of Hot Chocolate or fifteen.

Then I focussed my attentions on collating exactly 'who entered what' in the show last year...
And as I sit here in front of you right now, I am the perfect candidate for THE BLACK CHAIR in the 2012 Mastermind Challenge, and my chosen subject is:...the 2011 Itton Village Show.

Keep Well, Keep Safe, and see you next time.X

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Are YOU having a good Jubilee Weekend Children?

 Welcome to Itton Village Hall's very own Jubilee Celebrations: ,,,,,,and the 'Dibley' Dancers ..... are OFF!  The sole purpose of this 'game' was dancing with a red, white or blue balloon between you and your partner.  You then had to 'change partners', without losing contact with the balloon, (and not chucking your keys into the centre of the dancefloor, because that's an entirely different game Children?) I absolutely promise you that Andrew and Bruce had a balloon between them, but I am SO going to have to get that photo onto the front of our next Parish Magazine for a 'Guess The Caption' Competition?!

Wellie, Medina, Trousers and Tractor Man were sat in the wings, watching all of The Wrinkly Games, shoulders shaking uncontrollably, and tears just streaming down our faces. 
We momentarily thought we were 'in with the crowd' when faced with a Jubilee Quiz Sheet, but no.... we were once again thwarted, as the quiz master himself had failed to do adequate research, which meant getting more than a handful of the answers remotely correct was an impossibility.

We had SUCH a giggle, but prolly, in truth, for all the wrong reasons - and for that Children, I humbly apologise.  Not.X

 Like I know what I'm doing in my Pretty Productive Kitchen Garden?  This is Wellie's first Smug Trug of the year.  I know, it's dead pathetic isn't it?!  but by golly it tasted good.

And then there's an early harvest of Japanese overwintering onions and garlics, because they're as ready as they're going to be/starting to bolt/need to clear them for replanting the ground now.
 Just a few words here isn't remotely enough to tell you the story of the Nuthatch family in my garden right now, as there are six babies, squeaking all over the place, getting themselves into all sorts of trouble flying into BC's greenhouse, getting 'patted' by her, because she doesn't know what else to do with them, and being told firmly by me that she must LEAVE it darling, which she does?
Extraordinary.  They are SO tame, I can pass them in the garden within a few feet, and they just ignore me.  Ordinarily, I'd find that quite upsetting, but it's an absolute honour to me in wildlife-terms.  I spent absolute Quality Time this morning photographing one fledgling Nutty, who'd surprisingly decided to have Forty Winks on the rusty-old-arbour by the birdbath.  Kept tucking its' head under its' wing, motionless for ages, and then reawakening for a while.
Luckily, my photos were in focus, and a posibility for entering into The Itton Village Show end-August maybe.
 The new hardwood Birdtable Trousers made me has been a huge hit with my Funny Farm Feathered Friends, but an even more huge hit with Wellie, because she adores her garden birds.
So THANK YOU Trousers.
Wellie's been planting 'like a mad thing' this weekend, as it's only a fortnight today that she opens up her garden to Jo Public once again?  I must be NUTS Children!