Friday, 25 May 2012

I Apologise.... I'm Having Way Too Much Fun?

M and I had a rather lovely Itton Village Show meeting this afternoon in The Funny Farm Garden, (with only 13 weeks to go now, time does fly when you're having fun Children?)  It was SO appreciated in 'The Minutes of The Meeting' that Wellie and Medina had coloured in every single copy of the hundreds of front and back covers of The Show Schedule 'by hand', with grown-up crayons, and that we'd emailed/phoned each other virtually every day to see who had 'coloured in' the most Flobalobs that day?..... I might even treat my Mother to a copy so that she can appreciate how very much both my maternal and paternal grandfathers taught me so fantastically well?
I know M and I shouldn't have this much fun at our age?..... BUT WE JUST ARE.... Okay?
And Wellie was a little bit upset about something yesterday, so M brought me A Pig Biscuit On A Stick, because I'm HogMother to her Three Piglets........ and expertly she advised me that I could 'bite its ears off' and pretend that it was Trousers? I started by biting its' ears off,.... and kind of got 'carried away' Children?
I can't remember what time I emailed her, but later that evening, I broke the news to her that The Pig On A Stick was well and truly dead Angel?

With my not very good computer skills, I've purposely not spoken about the previous photos, in order not to lose this beautiful photo within the blog that I love?  And to bring you heartfelt speaks about the photo, because no words on this page will ever describe how Mum and Baby suffered for the absolute MINUTES that they were parted from each other, and I'm not magnificent, because it was just 'opening a gate' for me to encourage baby back to Mum......And whilst that took what seemed like a lifetime to happen for them, it was something that I was able to do for the two of them, because I happened to just be there.

I LOVE where I live with an absolute passion, and I've never felt that before now.
Isn't that lovely?X

Wherever you are, be inspired and make the best of what you enjoy.
My Love.

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