Friday, 15 October 2010


I say 'Phew...' with affection, in addition to exhaustion, obviously! because I'm still walking the old Severn Bridge, and back again, because my Doctor advised me to walk between one and two hours a day, and I don't take things like that 'lying down', obviously.......because dodgy Sacro Illiacs darling, you just wouldn't want to go there, and actually, I had a lovely telephone conversation with my goodly friend Gloria the other day, and now she's brilliantly wanting to walk the bridge with me. and that'll be lovely, because that'll be a really big giggle.
(See Wellie having got to Costa Coffee, and Gloria still on the first strutt of the first nut of the bridge on the Cheppie Side, still taking a photo....) and me phoning her to ask if she'd like Cinny or Chocky on her Chino?Which is just exactly why I love her.

My mother always used to say to other people, that I spent so much energy during the summer that I was exhausted by the autumn, and to be perfectly honest, there's prolly not a truer word was spoken by a wiser woman.

Thankfully, I've just started to write to my mother again after a gap of ten years since my father died, sadly of Throat Cancer, and, obviously, I still miss him hugely and enormously.
Can I share a secret with you? My dad always used to dry up the dishes with a tea towel in each hand. Try it. It makes perfect sense, and I do it all the time.....

Paulie and I had A Dinner Party tonight, which was nice....
And the couple that we shared our home with were just so lovely, refreshingly humorous, brilliant storytellers, and a complete JOY to cook for, and NO, I'm NOT going to give you their number!
John and Gina, seriously, you are such perfect guests, and thank you for being guinea piglets for my little Caribbean Levi Roots experiment this evening.

I find myself still apologising for no photos, but Trousers does assure me that it is not at all possible to put photographs onto the blog.
Without photos, you may as well chop my knees off, and if the computy is indeedy that dead, I'm going to knock this Blog squarely on the head.
I know it's Drama Queen, but no photos, no blog.


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