Sunday, 12 June 2011

Want Something Done? Ask A Busy Person My Friend......

Below, we have A Proper Blokie's Brekkie, because I'm trying, (very trying) to get Trousers to respond to my Wellie Tummy Tickle, which involves Trousers helping me in the garden on a monumental momentary basis in order to tidy the untidy corners for the Invited Guests Open Garden Day in two weeks' time.  And I hate to burst your bubble Babe, but honestly, there really aren't any 'other' House or Garden Fairies, I just do it myself??

I'm a huge believer in homegrown 'Mini Veg', because you can plant MUCH closer togevver, they mature quicker, and you get more crops per square metre over a shorter period of time than a sodding huge head of something. Besides, mini-veg costs a fortune in the shops:  Calabrese, Cabbage, Cauli - it works for most, and it's just perfect for the two of you if you're 'multi-vegging', even more perfect as a portion for one a la Cauli-Cheese, and completely 'blows my frock up' to show off at Dinner Party level, whether fresh, or out of season from your freezer.  With an army to feed, just let 'em grow until they're the size that you want.  Simples!

Now then Children......when I ask Trousers to take a photo for the blog, I'm thinking that he might give a thought to photo-graphic/genic composition, but clearly, we're not on similar planets.   I was thinking that my handful of slugs was going to be the main focus, and therefore a close-up of the hand, to answer a specific email query for a new blog reader this week.  Personally, I don't give a minkey what I look like in the mirror when tending my own private garden, as my neighbours will testify, when I'm on my lonesome, but if it were my own choice, to be photographed wearing a gorgeous Janet Reiger black bra (Christmas Present) with a completely incongruous white t-shirt, a handful of slugs on a blog read by millions around the world.....personally, I promise you, I would have put 'something else on'.
 Who's Queen?

So! What does one do of a Wet Weekend?  Well... one weeds like mad in The Funny Farm Kitchen Garden whilst it's dry, then one retires to one's kitchen to make many more Jams, Jellies and Marmalades, then labels them all, and hopes to make them a pleasure in someone else's kitchen, freeing up space in ones' own kitchen once again, to make more of the same as the fruit comes to fruition.
For those of you keen to know what's happening with my organising our local Village Produce Show for the first time this year, (after 20 years beautifully run by my predecessor),  I am learning that, unlike the wisdom of Forest Gump, sometimes life is NOT a box of chocolates.  It's way in excess of TWO boxes of chocolates, and definitely that gorgeous.... Having put my heart and soul into creating a totally new, innovative and creative Show Schedule for 2011, with the blessings of the very lovely Pat & Alan, the good people of the village are coming out to embrace me, and those that aren't, aren't, with knobs on.

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