Thursday, 29 March 2012


And we know what THAT means Children - don't we?
Yes, that's right....Absent Without Leave!

Have YOU got a busy life Children?  Wellie has!
In all seriousness, you prolly didn't even miss me, but we've had a shed load of lambs popping out on The Funny Farm here, and I've just been so tied up with admiring them, photographing them, and latterly, reuniting them with their Mummies when they get lost each and every sodding day!, and unless I do, the bleeting goes ON and ON and ON and ON!....And I can't concentrate on sowing veggie seeds then?!

And with the weather being so mild, it's been a fabulous 'crop' of Lambs this Season, without too much of a casualty in the Fox direction.....
And today, the lambs were having their tails clipped (cut off'n'sprayed) and being transferred to greener pastures.
Largely, because there's another Tamara and Rupert Event on horseback this weekend?  Pip Pip!  Daddy Gave Me This Land!
I'm 'making light of it', but Trousers and I just adore the Horsey Events here, because the Organisers work SO hard throughout the year to make it happen, and without their hard work, there would be nothing at all for anyone to enjoy.

I'll try and bring you photos of what I've been sowing for my Kitchen Garden in the next week or two.
I've got LOADS of Annual Flowers that I've sown in my own Paper Pots, and I've got Sweetcorn and Winter Squashes in Root Trainers,Aubergines, Tomatoes, Globe Artichokes, Leeks, Onions and stuff....
BUT, don't get too excited... It's early days yet, and you all have loads and loads of time to sow your own seeds, as I do, eh?!

You're kind for listening, and hopefully, you'll listen again soon.X

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