Tuesday, 10 April 2012


I was going to show you, and talk about my plethora of seedlings in the kitchen and conservatory, but I somehow managed to lose the photo that Trousers expertly posted up for me.  Doh?!
Because I'm so proud of the quality of seedlings that I achieve now before I put them out into the garden?
It isn't a secret though, because whilst myself and Medina aren't 'remotely competitive' and neither of us 'want to win any trophies?'  The both of us are complete and utter "Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire-Brigade?!" and it is now SO 'citing as to what she and I are going to enter into The Itton Village Show on Sunday 26th August.
So, all I'm saying, is that you should 'Watch This Space?'

I'm actually true to my word, because the only thing that's important to me, organising and running this new Village Show, is that it is gorgeously entertaining for people 'TO LOOK AT' when they turn up on the day.
But that's why the two of us have created a schedule that allows maximum creativity, so that not every entry is uniformally perfect, because we don't want that.
Real life isn't perfect, and we want our Village Show to reflect real life in our Village, amalgamating The Bonkers with The Brilliance.

Talking of Bonkers, I've been making friends with a number of Robins over the last six month..
And with a cat, it's incredibly difficult also.
I think the Robins trust me sufficiently now to nest where I'm active on a daily basis, and they've chosen to nest in The Draughty Dutch Greenhouse, in one of the shelves of cabinets that my father used to have in his garage.
Getting her 'used to me', I talk to her every time I go into the greenhouse for something two or three times a day.  I won't be able to protect her or her babies from my cat, or any other wild cat on the funny farm, but the little that I CAN do for her, I surely will ....

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