Sunday, 11 November 2012

Funny Farm, Funky & Friendly

 I've been a particularly busy girl these last few weeks, and have SO enjoyed being tucked up in my noo workshop, (read Spare Room) beautifully 'creating' my Funky Nora Limited Editions, and having BBC Radio Two on all day long: Music to my ears.... And I must email Steve Wright to thank those nearest and dearest to me for their Love and Support, because on a daily basis, they're truly amazing.X

But I promised I'd show you some of my birthday cards, and so here they are:
My VERY favourite card (bottom left) is from Jack, who is five, and he helped me plant onions and banana shallots in my kitchen garden this year, whilst his Auntie Medina dutifully 'watched, listened and learned'...., as every brilliant Auntie should do, when such Gardening Gurus are at work -  isn't that right Sweetheart?!
So I just wanted to say Thank You Jack, Auntie Wellie sends you a BIG Hug: X and I am so excited that you've agreed to help me again next year.
(Please bring all your friends and your waterproof clothing, as it may take us weeks and weeks to do the whole garden?!)X

Ian and Medina's Cards are always so beautifully 'thought out' to make me laugh my sox off, and (top left) depicts a suited'n'booted Gentleman prostrate on the grass during a romantic picnic for two.  An unopened bottle of wine on the picnic rug, the caption reads:
"Jennifer didn't know what was worse, the fact that he was dead or that he'd left the corkscrew at home."
(Sounds familiar...!)

My very own BC Cat's card (top middle) reads:
"At her request, the Birthday girl was about to be hooked-up to a drip full of Pinot Grigio."
(I'm about to reduce her Pocket Money on the strength of that?!)

And Ian & Medina's new kitten IS as gorgeous as the kitty on the front of her card to me  (Maggie's is top right) and says: "Happy Birthday from someone quiet and shy...Only joking, it's from me!"

And the funny card from Trousers (bottom middle), is where She has fainted, and the caption reads:
All He'd said was, "Shall I wash up?"
Which, given that our dishwasher has been broken for over a year now, may have led me to believe he'd bought me a new one for my birthday (as un-P.C. as that would be to many of you) but no, he'd not actually bought me a present at all Children.

So with fireworks fizzing at my fingertips, and a failing eyesight, I asked if I might buy myself a new dictionary with much larger print.  I'm a terrific speller, always have been, but I still like to check sometimes when I'm unsure (read OCD) and managed to find one with 70% off, at £4.99 in WHSmiths in Cheppie.
I'm still waiting for the £5 back from him... and am completely losing interest in the idea of Christmas now Boys'n'Girls?  Because if  he tells me that Santa Claus has gone on holiday, BC and I will be spending Christmas with my Mother - so he better put his Big Red Suit on or there'll be trouble!  (Mother - I'm Joking, okay?!x)

And I had a lovely email back from the web-designer at Grown Your Own Magazine Forum, having thanked him for my birthday wishes at the stroke of midnight, but seem not to be able to return to thank anyone else who wished me a happy one, and therefore please don't think that I'm being rude by not replying in person as there's a certain 'blockage' there.

Now the next picture tells a number of stories...:
Firstly, the very Hedgerow wild flowers here are very close to my heart, because I picked them just this afternoon.  With Medina and I having been completely EPIC with organising and running our local Village Show this summer (I must MUST tell you about how it went, or our 2013 one will be upon us already so soon!).  Her and I grew different stuff from seed earlier this year, and she gave me some of these as seedlings for my Kitchen Garden.  The Ammi started flowering shortly after The Show, and the Oxeye Daisies have just started now, in November..... completely Bonkers, and so I've brought them into the Funny Farm to enjoy their beauty.

The Funky Childrens' Pinny is one of my new Funky Nora Limited Editions, and should, strictly, be on my new Funky Nora Blog, but it's here (for now) only because the photo is about a Christmas Fayre I've booked a Stall to take part in, in The Beaufort Hotel in the centre of Cheppie High Street next Saturday, where I'll be selling my Jams, Jellies, Chutneys, Relishes (and Childrens' Pinnies!)

 And quite naturally, I'm packaging the preserves up for maximum appeal, in various 'collections':
each having three preserves, in a range of Chutneys, Relishes, Herb Jellies, Christmas Jellies, Boozy Jams, Posh Jams and Posh Marmalades, kind of thing.
All organically and lovingly grown by my own fair hands.X

And this is the first prototype of my Funky Nora Limited Edition Christmas Dress 'for a very first Christmas' - shown here (for cuteness of scale) but isn't quite finished, or 'Wellified' yet enough to 'put out there'.

So! That kind of brings you up to date for now, and this week, I are mostly making more Preserves, to finalise my Preserve Collections, baking Scones, mini Vicky Sponges, and anything else that takes my fancy, to sell on my stall as well.

Let's be careful out there Children, and see you next time.

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