Saturday, 29 May 2010

Weeding and Feeding Largely!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but one day there's some loverly bare earth to plant into, and the next day, with a shower of rain, there's a carpet of weed seedlings.
How unfair is that?!

If you 'click' on the photograph above, you'll be able to see more of what's happening, and more of the blossom and things?

Mind you - I can't complain muchly, because I've been creeping up on myself totally 'Leaps & Bounds'. And it's only when I stop and brew a brew or a mug of coffee in Jim's 'World's Best Gardener' Mug, or later in the day, a glass of vino, that I take in what I've achieved already so soon in the twelve months that it's taken to get thus far in this garden. Because it's only when you physically STOP and look around you, that you truly get the pleasure, and the very extra special ideas that just 'ping' into your brain (or is that just me?!)

To be perfectly honest, I'm a bit embarassed about some of my Potatoes. I planted one tuber into each builders' bucket (Buckets: £1 each from Homebase) and I've seriously. seriously neglected each and every one of them. I kind of stuck each bucket in an old compost bag, with a view to earthing up, and time has just run away with me, and I am hanging my head in shame as I sit before you all......but hey! there's slug-free tatties for the local show, and many more for our salads, as well as those growing in the ground, so....
Chin Up've pricked out and potted on 270 Leeks today, in amongst the other things you've done, so don't beat yourself up quite so harshly, eh?!

I know it's extremely boring to talk about weeding, but honestly, I can sit for hours and hours.....
Tantamount to Ironing me thinks? Something completely mindless to do, but do it in the sunshine, or with something serious on your mind, and you're completely in Heaven.

I just sit here and think of Trousers......... aaahh!

Okay now, serious business in the week ahead: Wellie's Flobalobs are itching to get back into the frame of things...... so best I get my thinking cap on to reinvent their little cotton sox, children, no?!

Naturally, behind all of these words, there's some serious growing gowing on, because I'm passionate about growing our own food, and so I humbly apologise for missing updating The Funny Farm Blog just recently, but with my hard work now, you'll have a prettier picture to look at later on, I'm sure of it.X
Just before I go, I must just tell you of how very brave Wellie was this week, and how very UN-brave Trousers and my Gardening Cat were?
We've known for some time now (me'n'him) that there was a rodent living in that space down there. We've largely ignored that space, which I think is fair.
Until the evening before yesterday, when Roland, yes, Roland, decided to brush passed Wellie's ankle as she watered the Blueberry and Raspberry plants.
As she felt it brush passed and watched in utter disbelief, watching it and its' tail disappear in front of her, she called for 'Back-Up'.
'Back-Up' arrived in the guise of Trousers with Wellie's stainless steel Hoe.
Trousers then declined further participation with said Roland underneath the Oil Tank, and so did the cat.
Shall we just say: I know where it lives, and I shall be taking the matter into my own hands in order to conclude satisfactorily to closure in the next day or two.
Personally, I can't be doing with:
'Is it there still?'
'Are there babies brewing?'
'Is it looking at me still?'
'Is it stealing and of my produce?'!
Anyway. This time next week, consider it gone, or I'm a Monkey's Uncle....
Once again, it's so lovely to have you here, and thank you, thank you for reading our blog. X


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