Sunday, 6 June 2010

Oh, It's all Kickin' Off Here My Friends!

Didn't I just tell you a while ago that our blog and our life is like a box of chocolates down here on The Funny Farm? Well, I hope you do indeedy believe me now......

The other week, Wellie's ankle got kissed by Roland Rat as she was watering the Blueberry and Cranberry tubs. But he seems to have declined our hospitality of a free meal this week.... which is annoying, because every time I pass by his home, I'm not sure if he's going to pop out and kiss my ankle again, which is unsettling when you have to cruise his neighbourhood fifty times a day!!!!

And taking Roland's place this week, a swarm of bees uninvited themselves into holes in the mortar on the front of the farmhouse, ending up in virtually every single room. To be perfectly honest, it was a novelty to start with..... but the novelty's kind of worn off now, and I'm bored of hoovering up dead bees, poor things.

The farmer's nephew very kindly came and placed a spec box (sp?) for them, but they just didn't warm to it, and late one afternoon, they all felt a little lonely, and called all their mates in from the surrounding neighbourhood to come have a party, I kid you not! The noise brought me, and the farmer in from the fields at the back, just to watch the swarm..... it was an incredible sight.

So,....Am I to assume that Kermit, Mrs. Kermit and their extended family are about to descend on us in the next seven days? or would it be the turn of Lucky & Lucinda Locusts this week?!

I'll try and make time for another blog update during the week if I can, to spoil you, but for the moment, I can triumphantly report that I have today 'earthed up' each and every one of my potato plants, and I now feel very saintly this Sunday, even though I've got a glass of something red on the desk in front of me.

Mind you, I did prick out nearly fifty Calabrese to The Sounds of The Seventies, with Johnny Walker, potted on 8 or so Sweet Peppers into bigger pots, planted all of my homegrown herbaceous bedding plants and courgette plants...... and I must just take this opportunity of apologising to my GORGEOUS man, Trousers, because I've been like a Bear with a sore head today, because I slept not at all last night.

Just where would Wellie be without Trousers and Radio 2?
Not in that order, obviously..... Ouch?!

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