Thursday, 10 June 2010

Horticultural Box of Spanners Right Now

I'm glad there's someone around here that's getting a good nights' sleep, because Wellie completely isn't.... ! My gardening cat has been guarding each and every Japanese Overwintering Onion, Red Baron Onion Set, White Onion Sets, Shallot Sets, Elephant and bog-standard ordinary Garlics, and the whole ruddy lot are going to seed.
Having spent a whole year getting my new kitchen garden licked into shape, and dreaming of drying strings of onions, shallots and garlics to drool over in the kitchen in the darkest months of the year, to create an extra inch or so to Trousers's waistline, there's going to be nothing....
Just how unfair is THAT kiddie-winkies, eh?!

Still. I'm brilliant at growing Blueberries, even if I say so myself. And whilst I did try and grow Cranberries last year (first year ever), like the Peaches and Nectarines, every single one just 'fell off', so I can only marginally improve on that this year, and it does give me something to aspire to!

I have to report to you, that I'm doing really really really well here with my striking cuttings of my 'armpit' tomato varieties, and to be perfectly honest, having visited a garden centre locally today with my Newest Bestest Friend, the quality of what they had for sale on the vegetable seedling front there, they should be truly ashamed of themselves. But that's Retail for you, clearly.....

Whereas us lot, people like you and me, because we truly care about every stage of a plants' growing life, from start to finish. Seed to Harvest, and beyond: Wellie LightYear!

So, let me be the first to congratulate you on what you are doing best in your garden, or on your allotment, because, actually, sometimes you think you're not doing well, and you really are doing much better than you think.
I think both you and me are doing great, so keep it up, and we'll touch base again soon.X

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