Sunday, 27 February 2011

Funny Farm 'Come Dine with Me'

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?.....  Yup!  This birdie-table could do with a little TLC, and time is fast approaching, me thinks, for another episode of "Wellie's Workshop".   Get that trusty toolbox out Sheila!

 I shall own up straight away, and assure you that this brilliant in-flight action shot is nothing to do with my photographic capabilities.  I had set up the Finepix on the tripod in the conservatory, securing all the nuts and bolts on the swivels, knobs'n'whistles, in order that, short of tripping over the tripod, the lense was indeed positioned correctly for a taste of Wellie's Funny Farm version of  'Come Dine With Me'.
And there was an ulterior motive on my part, because earlier, I rather bumbled into the conservatory in my very fleecy cream dressing-gown, mug of tea in one hand, slice of toast in the other, and scared away my precious Nuthatch, who was having his own brekkie on the nutfeeder.  I was so cross with myself Children, that I had to cover The Cat's ears for a moment or two.......

So, deducing that my Nuthatch must have a bit of an appetite on, I put down my tea and toast, slipped off my slippers, slipped into my RHS Vegetable Wellingtons (as ya do!), and loaded the table up with Sunflower Seeds.  I spent the next few hours missing him by 'a cat's whisker', until finally.....BINGO!  Clever Wellie.

So, anyway.  After that little triumph, I ascended to Wellie Towers and got dressed.  Looking in the mirror, I pondered if it was the lack of 'face slap' that had scared my little feathered friend away, but ultimately decided not to put any on, nor to dwell on it further...

Sometime in the last fortnight, having a spare 5 minutes, I thought that the contents of my two-year-old compost bin needed using, so I treated my Rhubarb to a barrow-load, and covered the mound with a large pot to exclude the light.  I'm rather proud of the superior structure and darkness of my home-made compost, but Trousers assures me that it's because he P's on it so often.  (Not this winter you haven't mate!), and just about to cook dinner, so I'll leave that thought with you!

Hands up all you Children who grew up loving Johnny Morris on the television?  So, here, just for you, is a little bit of nostalgia:
"There's that nutty girl again"..... "I know. What's she got stuck to the front of her face?"...  "Dunno. Ask her". ..  "No, you ask her".....  "Anyway, I've got more freckles than you".... "I know?" ..... "Quick! she's coming, run away!" 
BC makes me laugh out loud every day, and understands every word that I say, which is why she is so special to me.  You ask her if she wants to go out 'The Front', she looks at you, does, and knocks on the door when she's ready to come back in?  People only believe me when they witness it for themselves, as did Pat & Alan just the other day whilst we were having a little Village Produce Show Meeting round the dining table in the hall.  Now don't be silly, of course she doesn't use The Door Knocker, Doh?


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