Monday, 6 February 2012

A Quick Step Round The Garden

 The red Brussel Sprouts and Swede were spectacularly mediocre this time around...which is surprising, given that the previous crop were Legumes.  Fat lot of nitrogen nodules they fixed into the ground then! I think not... Still, the green sprouts in the soft fruit bed made up for it.
The late crop of Leeks are fattening up well now, and should be ready in time to replace the ones we're using at the moment.  Which reminds me, I need to post up the recipe for Leek & Cheese Welsh Cakes.  Doh!
Smashing the ice out of the birdbaths has been a twice-daily job of late, but a very worthwhile one, as my little feathered friends have really appreciated it.  And one Nuthatch has returned to feed.

With the flowering period of a Yukka being July/August time, I think Mother Nature is having a bad hair day here in the woodland garden.
 Don't you just love Garrya eliptica?  Absolutely gorgeous in full flower, and quite deserving of being called Silk Tassel Bush.  I'm making a stab at guessing that this is the male variety, as I'm 99% positive that I read that somewhere years ago, having longer tassles than the female one, but don't quote me....
 Once the thaw has taken place, I must get on and drastically prune back the Wisteria.  I'm determined this year to tie back the rambling roses to the barn wall to show them off to better effect.
 BC's not keen on getting her paws wet, but decided to put a brave face on to go for a walk with me round the farm.  There are about half a dozen feral farm cats in the yard here, so she's quite clearly 'out of her comfort zone', as you can see.
We're in a melancholy mood this week, so my P-Pod track is going to be 'The Dance' by Westlife, and I hope you enjoy it.

A big welcome to Jordan on the blog this week (the country, not the other one!), also to Egypt, Norway, and Ethiopia.  All of you are most welcome.

Will bring you recipes and an update on The Itton Village Show progress shortly.
Thanks to those of you not in hibernation for listening again.  The rest of you - are you all on holiday, or what?!

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