Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Well TODAY, in The Potting Shed Garden, there were Territorial Tantrums'n'Tiaras flying all over the place my friends......

A pair of Jackdaws left their 'Billy No Mates' fledgling 'for safe-keeping' with Auntie Wellie in the corner of The Potting Shed Garden, without telling me?

.....which wouldn't have been a problem, had Sooty'n'Sweep not decided to do the same with their two very, very fat blackbird fledglings as well:
One of them in a hanging basket, and the other, on top of 9 Rootrainers of White Lady Runner Beans, for some reason.....

So basically, it all 'kicked off' between the adult Jackdaws that were trying to feed 'Billy', where 'Sooty'n'Sweep' thought they were trying to steal THEIR babies, who I've named Minstrel and Malteser.

Today was just 'an ordinary Tuesday' for Wellie, but for all of THEM, a very frightening day? and I totally 'get that', AND it totally reminded me of the day I introduced my father to a wonderfully funny Christmas Vinyl Record that I've been forever in love with, about Irish Guvnet and his 'Thank You Letters' to his relative for THE ENTIRE 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS Turtle Doves, Lords A Leaping, Partridges in Pear Trees, Maids A Milking, Geese a laying... etc. that she kept sending to him and his wife.......and his mother-in-law's ever-increasing alcohol and drug addiction that followed with the bedlam that her Christmas gifts 'trashed their lives with'.x

I kid you not.  It was a bit like that in The Potting Shed Garden today, without the drugs or alcohol.

The Potting Shed Monmouth, as a business, is looking good my friends, and we're looking forward to showing you photographs of everything that's happening very soon now.

Live Life, Love Life and Hug Life Around The World My Friends.
Be Lovely to each other, and I'll see you here next time.x

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