Sunday, 13 December 2009


Which about sums up my Funny Farm blog, actually...! (see Wellie wet herself laughing?) and may I be the first to wish "A Very Merry Christmas" to each and every one of you Flakes, both at home, and abroad, who enjoy reading about our new life Down On The Funny Farm.

If it wasn't for you lot reading this, I prolly wouldn't bother, but you've been kind enough to goad me on, and some of you even think I should write a book! Are you MAD girl?! Just where on the planet would I find the time? I am quite tempted though! It'd have to be a publication of my Funny Farm Blog I'm afraid. Would that do?

The Queen has her Christmas Message (and I was rather saddened that she didn't make reference to the rather lovely homemade Cape Goosegog & Passionfruit Jam I gave Charles & Camilla - but no matter....), and my own Christmas Message to all of you Flakes reading this, is "Have you thought about getting out more?"

Incidentally - I notice that either side of Flakey, the snowmen spell NO. This is misrepresentation at it's highest level, because if you were able to look at the wider picture: their two mates on the left say "Let It" and "S", and their other mate on the right says "W".
Just in case Santa neglected to bring you a Jigsaw Puzzle for Christmas, I'll leave you to work that one out for yourselves. Doh!

Now then! All I can tell you from the photo below (without bursting into floods of tears, I hasten to add) is that the contents of my kitchen are still residing in the Laundry and The Guest Room, on account of the fact that the new units and worktops were supposed to be 'done and dusted' the week before Christmas.

Yes - very well-spotted Children: No change there then!

You know what it's like when you feel like jumping up and down in a big muddy puddle, screaming your head off with clenched fists, and you don't care WHO sees you?
Well it's nothing like that.

Actually, I've been incredibly grown up and well behaved about it, which has driven Trousers and the cat completely nuts over Christmas, but it'll be all the more gorgeous for me at the start of Twenty Ten: a hugely exciting new chapter that I'm treating myself to! Twenty Ten, I mean......

Now will you just look at how creative Wellie has been in the sitting room? I've been 'collecting' realistic silk foliage'n'stuff whenever I see it at our local garden centre, because you can use it in the house 12 months of the year, in some arrangement or other, and then come Yuletide, it comes into its' own over a hot mantle, looking as fresh as a daisy until it's time to 'dismantle' (clever Wellie, and I wonder if that's where the saying arose?!) and tuck back into vases around the home once again.

(Sorry about all the rosettes in the cabinet, but we haven't found a better home for them yet since we moved, she lied)

As a child, I spent many a weekend and school holidays with my paternal grandparents, and this glass-fronted cabinet contained a Treasure Trove of Silver teapots, glasses, jugs, picture frames, teaspoons and trinkets. I simply adored it, and finally, when my mother got custody of it, she kept its' contents, and let me buy the cabinet off her (I know, don't even go there!) I'm having such fun now, creating my own Treasure Trove: my 'knock me over with a feather' 1st & 2nd Rosettes for local veg shows, my Thank You Letter from Clarence House for 'The Jam'.... and who only knows what will happen to add to it this coming year. Isn't it exciting?

But I've got to leave you now. I'm in the last throws of making a Roman Blind for the kitchen.
Have YOU ever made a Roman Blind Boys'n'Girls?
No. Unfortunately, Wellie hasn't either.......!

Bless you for being here.


  1. Merry Christmas and best wishes for a prosperous twenty ten.

  2. Never made a Roman Blind either Wellie. My friend did and as I watched her and heard the story I swore (naughty Flummie) that I never would!

    Best of luck for 2010.

  3. Tracy, thank you so much.X. And you too sweetheart.

    Flummie, Unfortunately, I've got acres of spare curtain material, and lots of draughty leaded windows that could well do with a Roman Blind to keep out the cold night air or blindingly hot sunny summer rays, so I fear that this will be the first of many!
    You Too for 2010, with love.X.