Sunday, 6 December 2009

Festively Trying!

Personally, If I'd of known, with it being Christmas an' all....I'd of taken my sox off.. But you just can't trust a bloke with Swine Flu to take a photo of your girlfriend that she'd like. Obviously....

But just how far away can you get from your partner when they've got 'Swine Flu' and you're trying desperately to be someone that they love?
Not only has Trousers had 'Man Flu', children, but we're positively convinced that he's had 'Man Swine Flu' this last week.... I've not seen him this poorly for Ages, and just in case his bosses are reading this: Ben, this is entirely your fault, and I suspect that your girlfriend was entirely right with her diagnosis my friend, and I don't thank you for one minute for giving it to him, so see me after class, thank you. X

Although, to be perfectly honest, Trousers and I are not only arguing as to who gave what to whom now, because I looked after a kiddie-winkie who had a snuffly...... But No. Definitely. Your workmates Trousers!!

Anyway.... when Trousers took himself off up the stairs to Bedfordshire this weekend, I've managed to 'tweak' a few Christmas Decorations that might make him smile in the morning (don't hold your breath though..... I won't!)

And I got SO magnificently 'Told Off' for going up the ladder and putting this little half tree up after Trousers had retired gracefully to bed .........

Because I could have fallen off the ladder, and he would never have known until the morning.
Well 'Woopie Doo' - how do you think I get the rest of your life/dinner sorted when you're not here then? DOH?
Anyway, kids, I bought this Half-Christmas-Tree about 20 years ago, and I thought it was so brilliant that you could just hang it on a wall - because in those days I lived in a flat, and no room to have a proper tree in a full-sized room. But now, I just love my Half-Trees (and they're starting to sell them again - so thank goodness I kept them, AND my flared trousers, kipper ties and bell-bottoms?!)
And now this week, I've been trying to make good use of the oranges for decorations, so I bought some green ribbon at 20p a metre, and I've been making tree decorations. To be perfectly honest, I've made so many now, that I'm beginning to lose the will to live.....

Which is why I kind of distracted myself with this little decorative kitchen project above the Rayburn, and it doesn't do itself justice photographically unfortunately......

BUT! I am so excited (see Wellie Jump Up & Down) because not this coming week, but the week after, I am allegedly to have my new kitchen units installed, and NEVER in a month of Sundays did I ever think that this would happen before Christmas, so that's a HUGELY lovely surprise for me.....
Which does mean, that when our very good friends, The Piglets, and Paulie's Bestest Friend "In The World", come for New Year that I have no excuse in the universe for not cooking a lovely dinner, because I'll have some worktops for a change!)....
Thank you for being here.


  1. Oh Wellie darling, that's sooo funny - when I first looked at the top picture I couldn't see your head and I wondered why you had were showing us a picture of some clothes hung up!!
    Say hello to Trousers and tell him to get better VERY soon or you'll have to kill him so that you can have a good Christmas ;-) xx

  2. Clare, I know I've lost a bit of weight over the last year, but to lose my head darling, is just completely ridiculous?! And say hello to that lovely Keith for me.X.
    We're really, really hoping to see you both in June to stay, if it still fits in with your family plans.X.