Sunday, 29 November 2009

A Very Private Reunion.....

Trousers and Jim haven't seen each other for 'donkeys years'.
So. It was really lovely for the two of them to meet up again and renew their friendship after very nearly a decade.

To be perfectly honest, I'm only just recovering. The Stitch in my side is STILL aching?!
I'm not sure just how much fun you're allowed to have in your life. But if I died tomorrow, I promise you, I'd laughed my sox off, and gone to heaven this weekend, with brass knobs on.
No. I think all three of us did?!
It was Gorgeous, with a captial G.

The Boys just wet themselves laughing, and just blamed anything else on the sheep.
(See Wellie shrug her shoulders, roll her eyes, and hold her nose....)

Which is why I should just put my pen down now, because, to be perfectly honest, there is nothing more to say.


  1. How wonderful for you all - you sound as if you have had the bestest time. Keep laughing my lovelies.
    Imagining BG on her back with her arms and legs in the air giggling for all she's worth.

  2. Have you ever thought about writing a book on how you run the farm with all its trials and tribulations and even put some recipes in it to go with the seasons. I for one would buy it. Your mad humour is wasted just blogging ;-)

  3. I appreciate that my reply here is dead late, but I've been thinking, and certainly you must just know what a Pick'n'Mix, a right royal Tombola it is when Wellie starts 'Thinking'?
    It could lead to any multitude of sins herewith.
    But I'd like to say to you Lady Jana Muck, that in one way or another, I think you're right. And I AM going to persue this, in one way or another. Thank you so much for your confidence/lunacy Angel. XX