Sunday, 15 November 2009

New Horizons and Old Friends

You see, not having lived here at this time of year before now, Trousers and I are discovering that a lot of the landscapes down on The Funny Farm, have been a visual mystery to us. Until now - So how exciting is that?!

With the recent bad weather, the little produce that we've got growing, isn't doing too badly. I've had to re-stake the Purple Sprouting Broccoli that took a collective tumble, as did the Mangetout trellis, but largely, the green and purple Brussel Sprouts are still sturdy and shyly productive (I think we may get a mouthful or two to feel sufficiently festive about yet?!)

But the Calabrese, Cauliflowers, Savoy Cabbage and Curly Kale plants are slow. Not that I mind, because I'd like something productive from the kitchen garden to fill 'the hungry gap' early next year.

And, I tell you wot..... Trousers is 'Cock-A-Hoop' about the Japanese Overwintering Onions and the Garlic that I've planted - they're doing incredibly well. I could take a smug Bow or Curtsey, but I suspect that it's less to do with my growing skills, and more to do with the amount of manure that was ferried from the huge pile over t'other side of The Funny Farmyard. Mind you, having said that, I WAS the person that ferried it, and I swear that my arms are much, much longer than when we first moved in.

And if I didn't have quite enough to do already, a girl comes back from a relaxing holiday in the sun, gets all the washing and ironing done, the house back to some kind of normality, reintroduces herself to the cat, which took 'some time' (!), mows the lawn, rakes the leaves, fills the freezers with every conceivable yumminess, makes jam and jelly out of anything and everything that moves, and there's more Apples to pick?!! Is there NO peace for the wicked??!

Now then. You see this Birdie Nut Feeder? Unfortunately, so did Cyril Squirrel, who, for the second time this week, has removed the base, emptied the contents, and has today, spent the remainder of the afternoon digging nut-sized holes in our back lawn.

I have completely no idea why I'm so shocked, because it is far from the first time that this has happened in my life. But I suppose it's because I was talking on the phone to Trousers' Bestest Mate.....In The World..... and watched him do it right before my very eyes.
At which point, Jim reliably informed me, that Squirrel is very edible, which I knew already (smart-@rse Wellie), and if anyone out there would like to email me your best Cyril Recipe, I shall be shopping for accompanying ingredients within the next fortnight, in readiness for the boys' Reunion Dinner!

The Crab Apples are a beautiful gold colour, but have suffered a fair bit with Scab. I've not grown Crab Apples myself before, but next Autumn, when I'm more organised, and can make more effective use of my time, I shall be78888888888888888888887777777777. I'd like to apologise for that - and please don't think that you've just had one glass too many! My gardening cat, BC, has just walked across the keyboard, to add her own entry to The Funny Farm Blog today (just wanting to introduce herself I guess?!)......... Where was I? Oh yes, next year I'll experiment a bit with the Crab Apples in the name of preserving all that is bountiful.

Round about this time of year, the occasional visit to a wonderful 'snuggle' of interesting and unusual craft, gift and deli shops, about half an hours' drive from us, is guaranteed to put a smile on Wellie's face, especially when she comes back with armfuls of Ornamental Gourds, in preparation for decorating our home for the festive season. I got soaked to the skin selecting these, as they were part of a huge pile outside, and the heavens opened just as I got there. It's my own fault, because I took my time selecting the nicest, most interesting ones.....But hey! when you find such quality for only 10 pence each, a bl@@dy good soaking never did me any harm before now...

So the next thing to do with them is to dry them out very thoroughly - which is where the residual heat of the Rayburn comes in handy. And if I wanted to make them last even longer, I could coat them in varnish. I can assure you that I won't be doing that, because, to be perfectly honest, that excites me about as much as watching paint dry?
I would just like to take this opportunity of personally welcoming Jim & Tracey as new readers of our Blog. Kiss Kiss you two. XX
And Thank You to everyone else who follows our nutty Blog. As always, you are most welcome, and we love your company.

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