Sunday, 1 November 2009

I See No Sheeps!

There's nothing quite like a good read on holiday, don't ya think?... Trouble is, I'd read it before, and knew how it ended... ! but the characters in Joy Larkcom's book did hold my attention just long enough to keep me sat still, which is normally an impossibility for me down on the funny farm, because I'm always such a busy little bee. And besides, this was supposed to be a relaxing holiday, and I didn't fancy watching Trousers tear his hair out for the full 10 days!

We got some fabulous exercise (don't make your own story up children!) walking for miles and miles along this beach a couple of times every day.

Which we completely destroyed, twice a day, by going out for lunch and dinner!
This next photo was taken from a restaurant called 'Tides', in Holetown, just up the beach from our hotel. Aptly named, as the waves crash into the rocks just below your table, as the tide comes in. No-one got too wet (on the outside) whilst we dined there, although it must be said that Trousers and I got incredibly wet on the inside, on account of their very fine cocktails...
Can you believe that a glass of Pinot Grigio cost approximately £7.50 in Barbados? Yes, I said 'a glass'... but all the wine has to be imported, so I guess it's understandable. Mount Gay Rum, however, is made on the island, and we found it to be very very delicious.... Hic!

And no - Wellie didn't catch these fish with her bare hands! In fact, if truth be known, she didn't catch them at all. A man on the beach did, but I thought I'd like to show my cat a photo of what she was missing out on by staying at home!

And last, but by no means least, this photo was taken on the evening of my birthday, at a restaurant called 'The Cliff', which is allegedly fourth best restaurant in the world now. Trousers booked it months ago, as a surprise, and Boy! what a truly stunning experience - one that will stay in my memory forever and ever.

Luckily, I had a surprise of my own for Trousers that night (now I won't tell you again children!).
Namely, a very posh dress, which I kid you not, I found in a Charity Shop for ten quid. So I sewed a bit of lace on it, gave it a halter-neck strap, and hey presto, it looked a million dollars, and certainly turned a few heads, I can tell you.....
All in all, we had a great holiday, and are settling back nice and snuggly into The Funny Farm with our adorable cat, BC, who thankfully, has not stopped purring since we got back.
So now, time to put the pinny back on! The black grapes are ready to be harvested and turned into Grape Jelly, the last of the Raspberries need picking. The Borlotti Beans are just about ready, cauldrons of soup are needing to be made, there's a huge mountain of ironing, and there's digging to be done!
Now - Has anyone seen Trousers?!
Thank you for Listening, and we'll be back again soon.

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