Sunday, 8 November 2009

This Autumnal Weekend...

Down on The Funny Farm this week, all looks 'sweetness and light' in The Pretty Garden at the front, because the autumn sunshine is just incredibly lovely, making everything appear to be a bed of roses. Not So! my friends! There's a tremendous amount of hard work to be done at this time of year - and if I'm not mistaken, Trousers and I have been working our proverbial SOX off this weekend. And let me just put your minds at rest here? This front lawn does look rather lush, but don't be fooled - it largely consists of very healthy green moss, reminding us, allegedly, that the grass is not always greener on the other side!

Whereas the grass on the back lawn, is now virtually moss and weed free, given that Wellie has spent a good deal of the summer tending to it. Next year, it has to take a huge amount of 'wear and tear', so I can begin to strengthen it then and keep it healthier.

As you can see, and we are more than aware (!), there's more digging to be done, to complete the new Kitchen Garden design in the back garden - and we're getting there slowly but surely.

Today is Sunday Children, and Trousers desperately wants to return to work tomorrow, in order to have a well-earned rest?! This photo below might suggest to you that it's 'a bit of a mess', but you should have seen it before. It sported 'cut-off conifer trunks' from where there was a Leylandii Hedge previously, and Trousers has singlehandedly reclaimed it over the last two days for a very very special purpose.

Those of you who know us of old, might fondly remember Wellie's Grown-Up Girls' Greenhouse.
So.... Round of Applause please, because we've brought her with us to The Funny Farm, and this is her noo home, right here, next to The Nectarine Greenhouse (which also houses The Peach, and The Grapevine). Actually, it also now houses Wellie's Gardening Cat, since I made her a little bed in there today, but that's only for when she's not inside asleep on the sofa, or on my head, obviously.....
I must talk to Trousers about this 'arse about face' posting up of photos - because yet again, it's like shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted?

Here we have some Jelly being made Kiddie Winkies..... I wonder what it could be?
Ooh! It's Grape!

The small pippy black ones weighed in at 2 kilos. Rightly or wrongly, I composted the rest.
Anyhow. We've had a fantastic week, the three of us, in all sorts of directions, and we wish you all very much the same for the week ahead.
And thank you, if you've come here specially to read this.

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