Sunday, 3 January 2010


It's a ruddy good job no-one sees curtain linings, per se, because I've only made one Roman Blind and one pretty pair of co-ordinating curtains so far for the kitchen, and both of them have muddy paw prints all over them. I can't understand HOW they got there.....!

Actually, even Trousers was bowled over with my first attempt at making a Roman Blind, and said I should 'pat myself on the head', which is praise indeed, coming from him.

Am I right in thinking this curtain pole isn't straight? or is Trousers' Optical Illusion theory correct?!

Anyway - as you can see, the man wot's coming to fit the new sink and kitchen units still hasn't. And Wellie's starting to get a teeny weeny bit annoyed now.

It was a great shame that Trousers and I had to spend New Years' Eve like Two Big Billy No Mates, as I'd put such a lot of effort into making the Dining Hall look completely gorgeous for us all, and then Trousers' Best Mate, in the world, quite understandably, cancelled out because of the forecasted snow drifts, and so I offered our good friends, The Piglets, a similar option, which they took, on account of work commitments.

And the drift never made an appearance in the end....

Still. Trousers prep'd the Wegetables, and Wellie ended up cooking Chicken in a scrummy Stilton Sauce. Honestly, even though I say so myself - it was heavenly.

The dessert I'd planned was going to be quite a 'finale', and suitably theatrical for such an evening, and will have to remain a secret for now, because I shall resurrect it in one months' time!

I'd planned to light the room only by candlelight for the evening, and I had taken my paternal grandfather's brass light fitting in to the most charming Engineer to have it 'doctored' so that I could make a really impressive table centrepiece. I think you'll agree, it does look stunning - and I am so appreciative to The Nice Gentleman for fitting it into his busy day at such short notice! Thank You Kind Sir. X

I had also planned on getting Trousers, Jim and Piglet a Helium Balloon each, tied to the back of their dining chairs, for 'after dinner entertainment' for us Girls, but that little gem can quite happily reside in the wings now until, hopefully, we can reconvene the event for Trousers' Birthday Celebrations early February instead.

And here, in the photo above, we have Wellie's New Year Caption Competition Children!

Any suggestions? Feel free to leave a comment!

And then Trousers spilt candlewax on the tablecloth, Wellie got the right royal hump, Trousers fell asleep snoring on the sofa, waking up just in time to wish The Cat and Me felicitations for the New Year, and THAT, my friends, was that!

So. A Very Happy New Year to you all, from the three of us Down On The Funny Farm.

And see you again very soon.X.

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