Sunday, 24 January 2010

Sheep & Shreddings

I completely take my hat off to Trousers today, with knobs on.
He was wide awake all night long, on account of the fact that we were expecting an oil delivery this very morning at 6am and he wanted to wake in time to switch the outside light on for the delivery driver to actually find the oil tank in the dark. (I know, it's a SUNDAY, how very fantastic is our local fuel company?) Yeah Right, at nearly a Quid a Litre now?! But they have had my cash for a fortnight, and fair is fair. Backlog or no backlog, the boys have done us proud today, and The Funny Farm has a touch of warmth once again this evening.

Trousers spent the majority of the day shredding The Twiggy Mountain of stuff that we'd pruned off the overgrown shrubs in the garden in the last week or two. Good Man.X

Whilst me, trying to keep warm, and knowing that (potentially) I might have about another four weeks to dig over the garden, plant stuff, plan stuff and then Panic Like Mad, I'm putting my Wellie Hat on, my Wellie Boots, and just getting out there and on with what needs doing.
Beyond that, it'll be Plan B.
Failing that, Plan C.

But here, I've taken the bull firmly by the horns. A beautiful rose (got the name of it in the drawer with the screwdriver and spare lightbulbs?!) and last year, the border was riddled with nettles, couch grass and thistles. I wasn't happy with that planting combination, so I've decided to 'kick arse'. After that, I'LL decide, Okay?!

I've not been remotely impressed with my growing skills Down On The Funny Farm this year, because I've had to re-define beds and borders, actually, I've had to FIND them! but no matter what, I will actually pat myself on the head for the small amount of beautifully-formed red brussel sprouts that I'm in the process of growing. And maybe we might see a Savoy Cabbage if we're lucky!

BUT! You all know how very trying I am, and here's early proof. January is always such a NO-NO time to sow seeds, but I've had success with Tomatoes, Aubergines, Shallot & Onion Seeds being sown, and harvesting my own tomatoes mid-June, where others are waiting to pick more than a month later.

Because, for salads, and Trousers's lunchboxes, I like to pick cherry tomatoes as early, and as tasty, as June/early July, or shoot me, or what's the point? BUT. There's the old 10 degree rule to adhere to, which is important.....
You can see (on the chair) Pigletwillie's Banana Shallot Seeds germinated.
I've got some more seed, so I might give it another go this week, when it's biodynamically a root day!
Thank you for listening once again. X

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