Thursday, 14 January 2010

Our 2010 Family Calendar......

With my cat having caught and not completely killed a feeding Robin Red Breast yesterday, and brought it into the Funny Farm Conservatory for me, in NO WAY does she feature in our Family Calendar, until she's redeemed herself fully. And that's my final word on the subject......

So - THIS is a page from Wellie's 2010 BiodyNamic Growing Year - or my 'BiodyManic Jigsaw Puzzle' as it's now affectionately known in this household!

Last year, I got interested in wanting to grow our food biodynamically, (sown, grown, tended and harvested on either Fruit, Root, Leaf or Flower-friendly days, according to Maria Thun's extensive knowledge and research) and this year, I'm determined to actually do that.

It's way more complicated than just sowing, hoeing and harvesting on relevant days, because there are Nettle Tea, Horn Manure & Silica Tinctures, Compost & Barrel Preps to take into account - all of which I have access to, and knowledgeable peeps to help steer me in the right direction, thankfully, phew!

But. Having prepared totally new ground for growing in this year, (Thanks Trousers: Mwa Mwa XX), the next step is to categorise what I'm hoping to grow into those relevant groups, and quantities.

I was gobsmacked to learn that Leeks are not Biodynamically a Root Crop? They're a Leaf Crop!

And following Joy Larkcom's valuable advice for 'what goes where', I'm identifying what crops I value most in my kitchen (either in terms of extensive use, or cost to buy in the shops as a luxury), and these will take up the majority of space in my Kitchen Garden.

The crops that I need in constant, but lesser supply, like baby beetroots, spring onions, salad leaves, etc. I shall fit in and around the main Leaf/Root/Fruit/Flower Beds, as well as Edible Flowering & Leaf Herbs, so that you control what you grow accordingly to what you use/when - Simples!

Now the next step, according to Joy, is to 'Name or Number' your vegetable beds.

And because Wellie is Wellie, I think I'm going to NAME them (no surprise there then!)

Unconventionally, I'm going to name my beds after my choice of Funny Farm Blog Followers, and Grow Your Own Friends, so that should prove hugely amusing (to me) and the rest of you can make your own minds up, obviously....

I like to sow my Onion and Shallot seeds into modules, with about 5 seeds to a module. That way, when they've germinated and are growing strongly, you can plant them out to continue growing like that. Hey Presto! A range of onion sizes for kitchen use. Trousers does not need a mammoth red onion for his cheese sandwich on a Wednesday? Nor do I need a teeny-weeny onion for a shed-load of Chilli Con Carne for the freezer. I rest my case.......

Oh, and incidentally. I have now forgiven the cat.
But only just?

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