Sunday, 17 January 2010


Ready for a Sing Song?
"I see Fields of Green..... Red Roses too......doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo... Pom Pom Pom (!) And I think to myself, what A Wonderful World!"

Okay, I was telling Porkies about the Red Roses, but I cannot BEGIN to tell you of the joy that I feel to see the green, green grass of home once again, now that the snow has all but melted..... There's Lovely? So Trousers and I got right back out there today, and it was a gloriously mild and sunny day, so we did some serious, serious pruning of overgrown shrubberies.

Having lived here since last Easter, we've become accustomed to where the sun rises, why it doesn't reach the Kitchen Garden 'here, there, and everywhere', and now is exactly the time of year to tackle a daunting job like this, as without leaves, you can ruddy well see the wood for the trees!

And (cover your ears children), the language that was coming from Trousers in this particular part of the garden was nothing short of atrocious. Even the sheep took temporary cover!
In the coming weeks ahead, will come the laborious task of reducing all these prunings with the garden shredder, but what a fabulous addition to the compost heap. And now I'm getting all excited about that as well? What a truly exciting year ahead.... I just can't WAIT!

Standing further back from The Naughty Corner, it's more evident of just how much repair work is needed on The Draughty Dutch Greenhouse. In the worst of the recent weather, yet more damage has been done to the glass and perspex glazing. I am just shutting my eyes to the extensive chaos in there for now, but it will have to be dealt with sooner rather than later, I suspect.

But this, the smallest of the Kitchen Garden Potagers, and closest to the kitchen door, has brought some immediate joy to us today. Namely, that Trousers dug over one of the remaining two triangular beds yet to be done (far left with the Holly bush)...... And only had to gently 'tickle' the soil in the other undug borders to get a remotely acceptable tilth. That is one back-breaking chore that has been completely averted now due to The Big Freeze, and so High Five Mother Nature, you're an Angel.
They've not been double-dug, nor manured, and I'm largely going to 'suck it and see' as to whether I do or don't, depending on what I want to grow where. Afterall - no point double-digging and manuring if I decide to plant Rosemary & Thyme there, but if I want my prize Dahlias to positively poke me in the eye and say 'Look at Me, Aren't I Just Gorgeous' everytime I walk in the back door, then that might be a consideration.
I can't show you photos just yet, but I've been busy drawing semi-scale plans of my new Kitchen Garden Potagers on a roll of Wallpaper Lining Paper that Trousers very kindly gave me just before the weekend? (I know, don't tell me, I need to get out more!) But it's important! Without a Kitchen Garden Plan, you could be wasting precious time sowing and growing stuff that you just don't have the room for. And if you do have a plan, you can still lick your finger, stick it in the air to check which way the wind is blowing, and just PRETEND that you know what the hell you're doing, eh?!
What made me laugh most, was that Trousers gave me a few Crayons to colour it in with as well? I tell you wot - he'll of fogotten whether to look through the square window or the round one when I've finished with him!.....
Never a dull moment Down On The Funny Farm Kids!
Thank you for watching again!

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