Wednesday, 6 January 2010


I must just say, my jaw dropped when I saw this photo. What an incredibly beautiful picture ! Trousers had difficulty making it back from work yesterday, so absolutely no point in trying to get to work today, only to experience yet more difficulty getting home, and running the risk of missing kissing the cat goodnight, or Wellie's fabulous homemade chilli & garlic bread that I told him I'd make for his supper tonight.

So he put on his rather unattractive Travis HobNail Boots today, his equally unattractive Travis Thermal Hat, and disappeared off into the 'now familiar' unfamiliar territory, for to take some rather gorgeous photographs for you and me (if the cat stays awake long enough tomorrow, I may show them to her as well).

Meanwhile, Wellie has temporarily abandoned curtain-making, and is more concerned about her Funny Farm Feathered Friends, who very kindly munched every single one of her Cabbage White Catterpees last summer off the Brassica plants - so it's been her No.1 priority to waitress fresh food and water outside to them each and every 3 times a day during these freezing conditions - 'because they're worth it'!

Now I'm quite an intelligent girl, but, with just one or two panes of perspex or glass missing from The Draughty Dutch Greenhouse, how the HELL is the whole of the inside, and every inch of it covered in as much snow as outside?! But I put a tupperware tray of 'blitzed up peanuts' and stuff in there for the birds too.

Luckily, The Funny Farm has secondary double-glazing on some of the windows, and in the Sitting Room, the windows have old wooden shutters.

Fortunately, when Trousers took the beautiful picture below, the sheep had been moved to more cosy quarters, but before he finally made it home yesterday, it did make me smile to watch them out of the kitchen window, and with snow rapidly building up on their backs and noses, they were oblivious to it all.....

If Trousers and I don't kill each other with a Snowball in the next day or two, we might build a SnowPerson.....
Keep Safe, Keep Warm!
And thank you for watching.X.


  1. YOU keep safe and warm too sweets. Loverlee pics of your fabulous farmhouse too. Kiss, kiss.

  2. Nice pictures Wellie. Take care of yourself Trousers and BC.

  3. Your first photo is good enough for a Christmas cards for 2010

  4. I'm mortified that I missed you all?
    I share your sentiments, and actually, that will most definitely be our 2010 Christmas Card.
    Please PM me your addresses on the GYO Grapevine if you wish to receive one.