Monday, 25 April 2011


Can you Adam'n'Eve it.....  I'm fifty years of age, and I developed a spot yesterday.  I always, always go weird on a Full Moon, no word of a lie.  Now.  Having told you that, you're all thinking that down here on The Funny Farm, we've ALWAYS got a Full Moon on the go?! and you may indeedy well be right Children.  Trousers was tucked up with Teddy when I took this photo the other night, when it would've been lovely to share 'the man in the moon' with him over a glass of homemade olcoholic tincture, but he's been working his sox off and deserved his Zs.

  The very loverly metal-detecting peeps he's making friends with, introducing me to them back at home here are all putting orders in now for Sloe Gin, Sloe Whisky, Strawberry Rum, Damson Voddy, Rhubarb & Chilli Schnapps..... and given the breathtaking blossom this year, uninterrupted by frosts, I am hopefully going to be 'up to one's armpits' in luscious fruit for bottling, pickling, chutneying, jamming, jellying, crumbling, creaming and fooling.  I mentioned to you in the previous blog that I've been sad enough to start amalgamating all of the contents of my recipe books where it's relevant into a 'What to Do With A Glut Of .........?' and to be perfectly honest, I can't remember a time in my life when I actually did anything quite so sensible as that.
(see Wellie smile to herself and kiss the cat sat next to her on the kitchen table - I know she shouldn't be on the kitchen table, but she always does when I'm tryping my blob with a glass of ?!)

I used to love Trousers.  But I don't anymore, because instead, I absolutely just adore him...?
Yesterday we took Moneypenny (4x4xBond it says on the back of my truck) up to The Top Field, to ask Ted to fix the fencing down in the lower paddock, but he wasn't there.  No, just joshing with you.... because we went specifically to pick Wild Garlic Leaves, and Trousers had told me that there's acres of the stuff.  And he wasn't wrong.......(Nice pants luv!) and you'll be glad that my first blog photo was of the full moon Children?

 With two carrier bags of wild garlic leaves, a short visit to Cheppie Market, where we bagged a 2.5kg block of excellent Parmesan for fifteen quid, we were back at The Funny Farm, putting our mornings' work into action.  Namely, a very tasty twist on the gorgeous Basil Pesto that one normally buys:  Wellie's Wild Garlic Pesto, which I then freeze down into useable quantities for use later in the year.  It is truly amazing added to risottos, garlic bread, soups, casseroles, quiches.......
 Which is also exactly why I've now harvested, prepped and frozen my mini-leeks.  They're just beginning to get designs on 'bolting/sending up flowering shoots', which will ruin the culinary crop for me, so USE IT OR LOSE IT is my motto here, and it'll only be taking up freezer space for a very short time, being incorporated into delicious savoury tarts and the like between now and when I run out.
 Then it'll be the turn of whatever else is free food from The Funny Farm.
Not these I'm afraid! but the view from up here is just stunning. 

I think I'll bring him and his mates a Funny Farm Picnic up here one of these sunny days, and we'll just lay about in the grass for an hour enjoying the sunshine.

Before I go, I must just send a hug to my friend Gloria because she wrote extensively about me on her blog last week, having come here to photograph 'stuff', which I love her doing whenever she can because it photographically helps her, and reminds me of how my own late father used to take endless photos all the time when I was a child.... and I hadn't expected her to blog it, thinking that it was ultimately for another gorgeous project up her sleeve. 
I shall get a link from The Funny Farm blog to her blog for you, and then you too can appreciate just why it is that I adore quality time spent with this talented, witty and creative Honey Bunny.X

In the meantime, I curtsey and thank you for yet again following my blog update, hoping that maybe I've informed, inspired, amused or entertained you.
And I'm going now.....

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