Monday, 2 May 2011


Let me kick off with the fact that there are some seriously beautiful roses around this lawn, the likes of which, until 2 years ago, I had never seen, and wanting to share them, I'm wanting to open my garden up nearing the end of June, to allow others to appreciate them as well, and maybe to earn the odd penny for the sake of our local village hall.

But I decided to give the front lawn a well-earned makeover, and I spent six hours yesterday just getting the dead stuff out with my scarifier, and these bags are packed solid/compacted down to their boots with dead moss and thatch.

I'm not sure how many years now that I've actively taken part on the 'GrowYourOwn' Grapevine Forum, but it's refreshing to find that my 'horticultural witterings' are still appreciated, so thank you, sincerely, to those of you who are recently, and hugely still appreciating me.

And I only say that, because of the gorgeous feedback that you give me, which does indeedy keep Wellie writing this blog, because without you, I'd feel pretty stupid sat here talking to the cat.
Is that the biggest lie that I've told?!   When am I NOT talking to my gorgeous cat??!

This evening.......Unless I make you laugh, or 'pull this one out of the bag' Children, this is going to be one hell of a boring blob update this week, believe me, because I have rather mundane photos here, and that's because there's serious stuff going on in the garden, like Lawn Scarifying, and Earthing Up Potatoes, and Growing Onions From Seed, and Sets, and Mulching to keep the moisture in and the weeds out.

Sometimes, like in one of my all-time favourite rom-coms: 'Love Actually', you could get given the 'boring biscuits', Sir, or, 'I'd give you the chocolate ones'.  And as a grower of your own food, it's constantly the boring ones, and the chocolate ones, isn't it?! and that's what keeps us keen, enthusiastic, and on our tippy-toes all of the time.

 This bed was the weediest of all of the veg beds last summer/autumn, so I decided that it needed a smack on the bottom for that, and so planted Potatoes, because we know that Potatoes will defeat any level of weeds. 

At completely the other end of the scale, onions will not tolerate any weed competition at all, so this year, I'm experimenting with mowing the sheep paddock, picking up sheep droppings and mowing the grass in one swoop, and then mulching the onion rows, hopefully fertilising the onions at the same time. 

Oh, and just having found out that you're here, have I  told you how gorgous that is?!x


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