Sunday, 22 May 2011

Flobalobs, Furtling, and Fabulous Friends......

Having had SUCH a fabulous welcome from the lovely Louise at our local Library, the very talented Manageress at the British Red Cross Charity Shop to the left of the traffic lights that are always Red?! Cheppie Bookshop, the fabulous Arty/Crafty shop on the corner, the South Wales Argos/Free Press offices, Peter Merrick Himself at his Chemist, and forgive me if I've not mentioned anyone else, but I've only just begun to distribute these gorgeous Posters for The Itton Village Produce Show, but ALL of those peoples have truly adored the poster (having not noticed that 'first press' neglected to indicate on the poster where The Produce Show would be taking place, but that's all under control so that I can 'swopsy' posters with the correct information in a few days' time, eh?!  High Five Bruce, and thank you SO much for agreeing to do the posters once again this year.  Bless You.X)

It's been a very noisy Sunday in the garden this afternoon, with Magpie fledglings (underneath the oil tank, crashing into the conservatory window etc.) and Nuthatch babes coming to feed on the nutties, twittering away to their hearts' content, Spotty Woodpecker crash-landing on the feeder, and my cat having spent most of the day in the dog-house for killing a female HouseSparrow.  I kept being 'dead cross' and intolerant of her for hours and hours,growling at her even....... then went to dig a stubborn shrub out for a neighbour, came back, and the look on her little face was so pathetic that I had to pick her up and give her a huge cuddle.  Good job I never had Children, eh, children?!

 This scaffold netting reminds me of Andrex puppies, very strong, very long, and very useful when you have a specific need for it.  The searing winds today, and sometime last week, and the fortnight before, and the one before that (get my drift?)  It's proving to be absolutely invaluable for giving my crops that little bit of extra protection.......
 So... Here we have my 'alleged' Maincrop potato 'Mayan Gold' now in flower.  I did pose a question on the GYO gardening forum about why and what to do, given that Alys Fowler was answering questions there, but herself was postponed, and the forum has been unavailable when I've been available, so it seemed more sensible to deal with my own problem myself, and let someone with a more pressing horticultural problem take my place.  I'll just have a ruddy good 'furtle' in the soil, eat what's edible, and leave the rest to mature a tad longer, seems to me better than wasting Alys's valuables, when I'm 'Big Enough And Ugly Enough' to look after myself.
Now the photo below, holds at least two or three stories, and two of which I can comment on right now, because in a previous blog update, I showed you that I'd just split'n'divided my Mint and replanted those bits into the recycling box.  Well, will you just look at it now children!  It's gone crazy, and I am SO going to harvest some of that this week, in a medly of/collection of fresh herbs in small packages, into my freezer, because I've identified certain recipes for tarts/sauces that cry out for the freshest, and I'd be mad not to capture them at their best.
The second, is the climbing Hydrangea on the left, which was given to me yesterday by a friend as a present because she had a spare one.  That kind of generosity leaves me completely speechless, because I'm used to giving, rather than receiving.

On a similar note, I've promised my friend Gloria that I'd take her out for a lovely lunch this coming week, and, it's not a secret, but I'd be dead chuffed if she agreed to be a Steward in my first-run of The Village Show, in the Cookery and Preserves classes.  That isn't the reason for lunch... It's just because she's fun to be with, and I love her company, and I'm younger than her (Ouch?!)

So.  These are truly very very exciting times, because I'm planting loads of edible stuff into The Funny Farm Kitchen Garden, and what I have spare, I'm saving for my friends to plant in theirs'.

You lot are just amazing again to be here, and if you're not already receiving automatic updates of when the new blog is available to read, please do, because I shall be withdrawing my update titles from my GYO signataure very shortly.

Have a gorgeous week.
Your Wellie.X

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