Sunday, 29 May 2011

Pretty Productive

Even though we're only end of May, I can't help feeling like it's getting late to sow certain seeds, and that's completely ludicrous, because there's loads of time yet, but I've not sown my Borlotti or Serbian beans, and have only 6 Runners on the go for an early crop of, eh?  (always makes me larf with the old boys, how they sow rows and rows of Runners/Kidneys, and then spend all summer-long complaining about having to pick them!)  As you can see, everything in The Funny Farm garden is coming on Leaps'n'Bounds with these sunny spells and showers, as well as the weeds unfortunately!
The goosegog bush that I tried to kill last year has produced a healthy crop, and with this afternoons' drying winds after this mornings' drizzle, the elderflowers were dry enough to risk picking for combining the two into a Wellie experimental 'Beena for the storecupboard.
I've taken 'an executive decision' (see Wellie lick finger and stick it in the air children), presuming that these Celery seedlings from Homebase are a modern 'self-blanching' variety, and so as not to get soil in their hearts, I've stuck some empties over the top.  The galvanised is to remind me to keep watering, obviously.
Glorious Gloria and I had a really fun lunch last week, and I managed to persuade Richard, the landlord of the best pub in Aylburton, The Cross actually, not allegedly the other one, to display a Flobalob poster for The Itton Village Produce Show on the beams round his bar.  I only mention this in conjunction with the photo of my ripening Strawbs, because Gloria expressed an interest in coming to photograph the Strawberry Bar when they were all beginning to drip over the sides of the table, and yes you can sweetie, but no you can't return home with your pockets full...
Having slung netting, fleece and environmesh over every bit of fruit in The Funny Farm garden, it's prolly helping to ripen a tad earlier, but naturally, seeing as I'm not entering much into The Village Produce Show this year, on account of organising it, I'm not worried if my fruit ripens way too early this year or not, because, once again, I can always freeze it and deal with it accordingly at a later date.

My Slug'n'Lettuce Bed is 'romping' away now, and perfect for a few 'giveaways' and salads of our own with a smidge of caesar dressing and a round of goats' cheese.
Perspectively, it's all a bit of a mess, but gradually coming together and beginning to happen.

With only a month until Invited Guests arrive for our Pretty Productive Open Garden Party, I still have a hell of a lot to achieve, but I'm confident that it's perfectly possible, will be a huge success, and ultimately, as enjoyable on the day as it's been putting into place.

Pretty Productive.  Pretty and Productive.  Love It. X

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