Tuesday, 21 April 2015


I was in the enviable position today to talk with one of THE loveliest of guys that I know locally, and last Summer, he asked if The Potting Shed would 'entertain' a group of Sausage Dog Walkers, who like to collectively walk their Sausage Dogs, and then spend Quality Time togevver having Cream Teas afterwards just 'SOMEWHERE LOVELY'?
Last year, they were SUCH a joy, and to see so many lovely, happy dogs together with their 'Well Behaved Owners', was really, truly, a joy to both Paul and I.

And THIS year, their numbers have rather 'swelled', he says, with many, many MORE Sausage Dogs? and he told me why, but I'm not here to talk about that aspect, just that I assured him that his Party are more than welcome at The Potting Shed, and YES....... The Dogs ARE going to bark rather a lot..... but that's NOT going to be a problem for us, because we'll just wear dead-funky 'Ear Defenders' or something?!x
80 Sausage Dogs in The Potting Shed Garden?
Completely Bonkers, but in all honesty Jonathan, TOTALLY 'doo-able' my darling, and 'bring it on'.x

I'm in the process of advertising on a website called 'Rover Recommends', so that peeps with Dogs can easily find establishments like us, knowing that they can bring their Puppy Dog, Relax, Enjoy, and know that they're truly welcome to be with us.

And I have some FABlious photos of some of our visitors to show you now, because I've been taking some lovely inpromtu photos on my phone.


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