Sunday, 21 February 2010

Cross Pinkies For Success All Round....

It IS actually quite like me, and I'm not ashamed to admit it, but here we have Wellie Flying By The Seat of Her Pants again....
I've got that much to do, that I decided not to put off planting my Red Baron Onion seedlings out (get your magnifying glass or binoculars out? left of photo), or my Elephant Garlic, or my Bored Bean seedlings any longer. Time is marching on, and it will very soon BE March.

Having ascertained that The Girls in the field will not just trash the 'see-through' black plastic netting, and make a meal of it, I've risked planting my Bored Beans around each of these Obelisks. I can tie the Obelisk to the fencepost for support, tie the Bored Bean stems to the Obelisk, and then in June, plant something else that will enjoy the nitrogen-fixing nodules in the soil after the beans..
And that to me, is sufficient of a start, to get the ball rolling. If I faff around too much more, I'm likely to miss the boat.
Come in No. 6? Oh no - we did that last week!....

And most of my Wallflowers have survived the winter in tubs near the back of the house, so I'll try and plant them nearby to get the bees in for pollination.

Wellie's Flobalob Family have been really quite patient of late, having been so used to extensive exposure prior to our moving house, and I'm mindful of reintroducing them to my Funny Farm Blog this coming year, just because I can, and it does amuse me?

To be perfectly honest, they're in shock at the moment, on account of the new outside tap, and the enormity of what appears to be happening on it.

Five to Six this Sunday evening, and Herself has just managed to tidy the noo kitchen sufficiently to bring you a glimpse of it.

You can't possibly appreciate that I've just found my cat under a tonne of sawdust......

And I've just found Trousers starving hungry in the Corner Carousel Cupboard?
Hey Ho!
Thank you for watching yet again, and I may well bring you an unusual mid-week blog update this week, depending on which way the pendy swings.
But I'm firmly crossing my Pinkies.


  1. Your sheep must be well behaved because I know mine would find a way through if delicious garden plants are on offer. Good luck with your planting.

  2. The noo kitchen looks fab and if you don't mind I might pinch your broad bean idea. Trouble is I have to stop reading and get seeding.

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