Sunday, 7 February 2010

Now you see it.... Now you don't......

I'm only keeping half a promise to you this week, because this is Adora's Mum. I was unable to locate Adora's Dad for the photo shoot (he'd gone out with his mates or something?) but she's in the middle of scratching an itch on her back, with the help of the metal trailer. Out of camera shot to her right, I was barrowing well-rotted manure to the new Fruit Bush Bed yesterday, and she rather unceremoniously kept 'goosing me', which was a little unsettling of a Saturday afternoon......

And knock me over with a feather children - just looky what's happening here in Wellie's Kitchen: The kitchen man cometh at very last !!! I wasn't TOO mean to him when he finally turned up, because it must of taken a lot of courage to finally knock on the door, and he did rather resemble a frightened rabbit caught in the headlights. And I didn't want to make him feel worse, however tempting it seemed for me since mid-December!

The sink isn't going there by the way, just in case you were thinking it was. It's going kind of mid-noo curtain position? so that washing up what doesn't fit in the dishwasher, has a beautiful view attached to it, making it a teeny-weeny bit more pleasurable.

And hopefully, the contents of the kitchen cupboards won't be in the dining-hall, the corridoor or the sitting-room for too much longer, and I'm rather desperate to be able to wash things up in my noo kitchen sink before the lambs grow up and have babies of their own, obviously....!
("Ouch!", just in case he ever reads this blog?)!

In all seriousness, he's doing a fantastical job, with such attention to detail that I'm truly 'blown-away', and it is going to be an amazing kitchen, not only to have these many cupboards, but also to have 'there to there' worksurface area (see Wellie point from that corner of the photo to bottom left "to me sweetie, to me" between the Utility and The Rayburn.

Great room for a Help Yourself Lunch at Wellie & Trousers' again, if I ever decided to do another one.
Mind you, I've got a Special Birthday this year, and it's far too long since we've got together and wet ourselves laughing with our friends The Piglets.

Trousers had a rehearsal on Friday for a Special Birthday himself next year?
So his magnificent work here in The Naughty Corner of the garden (on account of his frayed temper and rude words), spell Toy Boy with Boys Toys:
Having dispersed the Fluffy Bleatings from the area (now totalling Snowflake, Liquorice Sticks, The Twins, and latest arrival, No.3), Trousers gave Wellie the guide rope to pull, with strict instructions on what to do with it.

Naturally, Wellie told Trousers exactly what he could do with his advice, and the tree missed the Draughty Dutch Greenhouse, cleared the wall, and landed right bang where she (and he) wanted it to. So - high five Wellie & Trousers, brilliant teamwork!

Now ya see it............Now ya don't....!

There's that much to do in the garden before Spring arrives, that unfortunately, we couldn't put off chain-sawing this tree any longer, so our apologies to Jim, who was really looking forward to helping.
What with Cyril Squirrel having designs on it back in the Autumn for a new Drey, which was successfully averted in sequence by Trousers and the cat......., and now with 'The World, His Wife, and His Auntie' bird population out there House Hunting, it had to be now.
Besides, with precious little south-facing Currant Bun on that part of the Kitchen Garden from The Naughty Corner last year, the original fruit bushes, and consequent harvest was poor, and poor quality to boot.
I'm just going to take time out now, to say Hello! to our newest Funny Farm blog followers, and Hello Again! to those of you who have been registered since the beginning of my witterings, bless you for still being here.
For those of you still behind closed doors in the cheap seats, just rattle your jewellry, we know you're there! and hope you're being entertained every week. X
Have a lovely week peoples.
And hopefully, see you next.

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