Sunday, 28 February 2010

Twenty Four Seven

Do you ever get excited about a whole heap of Farmyard Manure?....or is it just me?!
I suppose, given that I'm one of very few peeps to have access to this, I should indeed be very excited, and eminently grateful, as I used to pay for this stuff at a ? a bag before now!

The stuff Trousers and I put into the new borders of the Kitchen Garden last Autumn, was about 7 years old, but now that the remainder of that has been spread on the fields, we'll have to just add the new stuff to our new Compost Bins (and jolly nice they are!), or wait a while.

Allegedly, the weather is due to be much more Spring-like this coming week, according to Himself, so I thought I'd whet your appetite a bit with what's happening in part of The Funny Farm front garden.
Obviously, there are Muscari yet to follow, and also, my particular favourite, ornamental Alliums. And I managed to secure some white ones in the local garden centre sale just before Christmas, which are growing on very nicely in the Draughty Dutch Greenhouse, for the Kitchen Garden out back.

And as the title of this weeks' blog suggests, things are happening here down on The Funny Farm completely Twenty Four Seven. And there are still new spring lambs being popped out Twenty Four Seven too!.

To emulate that theme, I did take a muddy meander round the farm earlier with the camera, trying to capture the lambs from Mum No. 20, Mum No. 4, and Mum No. 7. But it's a restless time of day for the babies, and they've got agendas that involve playing with their mates, getting totally lost, then spending the next few hours bleeting their heads off in search of Mum for some milk, who's lost interest by now, and enjoying the peace and quiet. What a noisy place THIS is at the moment Children!

Still, I suppose that if you've got Twenty Twenty Vision, you'll just be able to imagine it, and see it for yourself, eh....

These two little angels, I've called 'Echo' and 'Echo'.....
I think there are only twins, not sextuplets or anything?!

Trousers had a banging headache on Saturday (normally known in this household as 'Wellie'), but actually it was a proper headache this time, so he decided to erect the latest of the Wellie Workshop ideas, yeah, right!....

I know, I know (see Wellie do a curtsey?) I'd remembered from nearly this time last year, that the wind absolutely HOWLS through this westerly gateway, blowing the living daylights out of everything and anything in it's way in the Kitchen Garden, so, with Trousers having brought these beauties back to chop up for firewood, leaning up against the oil tank, (the doors, not Trousers) they went 'Ping!' at me, with a good idea?
The wind filters through the louvres now, rather than knocks everybody over, and once the very stubborn Trousers had insisted on finishing, he did indeed retire gracefully to bed. Presumably, because if he didn't, he knew that his headache would be worse.... Simples.....

And when they're not needed, the louvre gate neatly swings back against the wall, leaving the low wrought iron gate as per normal.

I've brought you this untidy vision completely on purpose. This is my Draughty Dutch Greenhouse, and with the aid of a roll of All Weather Tape, odds'n'sods of clear perspex and plastic sheeting, and half a morning, I've managed to make it much less draughty.
That way, it's a bit more pleasant to work in, and I've managed now, to tidy up the overwintered Strawberry plants, bring on the Tulip and ornamental Allium bulbs, and out of shot, I'm trying to breathe the breath of life into the Dahlia Tubers in pots. Although, with this very tough winter, I'm not sure who has survived, and who hasn't?
I'm also beginning to sow hardy and half-hardy annuals, root a few shallot sets, and a multitude of other seed-sowing is taking place.
There's also a comfy cushion for my cat, naturally!

I'm fortunate, in that the new stone floor is nearly finished in the conservatory, and when it is - all the germinated seeds from on top of the Rayburn begin their new life in the lukewarm conservatory, get transferred to cooler climes in the Greenhouses, and then finally into the Kitchen Garden, under cloches, or not.

I count myself one hugely lucky girl.
All of this, and Trousers as well....

Have a beautiful week Peoples.
And do keep reminding yourself: "If I don't sow it, I can't grow it".
Really important that, if you're wanting to harvest stuff to eat?!

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