Sunday, 7 March 2010

No Numpty No Longer!

Well, Welcome to The Funny Farm blog once again my friends, after a little bit of a virus infected it last week, rendering us akin to Chinese TV, all manner of pornographic smut, and goodness else knows what! But with the magnificent advice from our pals and moderators from The GYO Grapevine Forum, Trousers has managed to finally rid us of said nasty, and the numeral counter he'd installed, which is perhaps what introduced the virus. So I must apologise, because I'd labelled 'some numpty' as the cause. Trousers - you're not a numpty darling?! X

Please DO excuse the mess of buckets and pots in the background.
I think you'll find that it's called: Work In Progress, because I want to tip the compost-contents onto new beds that we've created since the autumn, and then pot on a few fruit trees in the bigger pots, etc. etc. You know how it goes....And to be fair, we've only been living here a while, so there's lots of bits'n'bobs yet to find a home for around the place. And I can't wait to finally get it all sorted and begin to enjoy living here properly.

And if you enlarge the photo, in front of the mess, I've relocated a lot of Autumn Bliss Raspberry canes (for now), just so that I can get some kind of order going on here perchance.

This here Onion & Garlic Bed, is coming along spiffingly now, speshly because I've labelled everything, and now know where everything begins and ends. And third row from the right, well done, I'm growing Elephants for the first time..... (large garlics, not the long-trunked variety!)
Trousers has worked wonders on my Draughty Dutch Greenhouse again today, and the thermometer registered 22 degrees in there, with the door shut. The amount of sticky-back-plastic and Fairy washing up bottles he's had to piece together to achieve it, it's a good job he was an avid Blue Peter watcher back in his childhood.

Yeah, not so draughty now, eh?! And he's repaired my dodgy staging, so that I can start to really get on with the sowing and growing for the season ahead.

If that weren't enough, Wellie's kind of decided finally where the majority of the Asparagusses are going now, so Trousers noisily dug the trench for her, so that she can fetch'n'carry the manure to fill it tomorrow (weather permitting). I felt that the ferny fronds would make a neat and attractive focus toward the sheep gate, so creating a visual focus for when the Viburnum etc. come into leaf, because where I secondly-decided to put them, there are ornamental bulbs coming up all over the shop, so I shall put annual flowers along there instead to keep in with my Biodynamic structure to the garden.

And whoopee-doo! the noo floor is down in The Conservatory! so it matches the kitchen floor now (except that it's way cleaner!) and a brilliant sink to wash my pots & wellie boots in too. How thoughtful the nice man has been.X. I'm largely going to use this room as a Summer Kitchen extension for having my brekkie and cuppa in out of the cold wind each morning, and of a weekend, I'm going to treat Trousers to a slap-up breakfast, for all of his hard work.
It's North-East facing, so is bathed in sunshine from the minute it rises, and we can sit and coggitate about the kitchen garden, and life in general, proverbially, until the cows come home.
(hahahah! get out more Wellie?)

Easter will soon be upon us, and I'm thrilled that our noo home and kitchen garden are beginning to take proper shape, as we will be at home partying and making up for lost time with Les Piglets.
I can see a tin of Quality Street ending up in my lap at long last?! Bring it on!
Once again, if you've read what I've lovingly written here, thank you.
And it is so good to be back virus-free and talking to you again.


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