Saturday, 20 March 2010

Fruits Of Your Labour..... So Lovely!

Okay.... any Horticultural Palmists amongst my readers today?! Am I going to live until I'm a hundred, have umpteen children, and win the lottery? Or is it, as I thought, that today is just an ordinary Saturday, Trousers has control over the Remote Control once again, and there's so much happening down here on The Funny Farm now, that I thought I might spoil you, and bring you extra blogs this weekend, because I don't want to watch the rugby, and you've all been so very good?! Now, the first and second photos here are really rather spesh, because this time last year, Trousers and I weren't living here at all, and so Wellie wasn't 'on hand' to get into the Nectarine Greenhouse and 'hand-pollinate' either the Peach Tree, nor the Nectarine Tree....... which leads Mrs. Wellie Watson to conclude that that's exactly WHY we only had one fruit in the entire greenhouse last summer, which sadly, just dropped off in my hand before it got a chance to grow. And I was, as we know too well in Horticultural terms: 'Completely Gutted'.....

I've only just pulled the netting cloche off this Savoy Cabbage to 'show you' that it's beginning to heart up nicely, whereas the ones out of shot, and not under cloches, aren't. Simples.

Now this little corner of loveliness, is my Funny Farm Wild Garlic patch. Evidently, cows just LOVE wild garlic? Let's feel incredibly sorry for cows this spring children, becauce Wellie is going to be ever so selfish and keep this particular crop to herself.

You see, our very good friends The Piglets, in their utmost generosity, bought me the latest cookbook from my very favouritest Irish Chef, Denis Cotter a couple of Crimbles ago, and the title of the book just spells how good it is: 'Wild Garlic, Gooseberries, and Me'. Just when do I NOT refer to this book?
Talking of which, Trousers visited his Bestest Friend.....In The World this week for to do some Detecting (blokey stuff in a field looking for buried treasure? and actually, they do find it... Jim'n'Trousers, they are one brilliant team, believe me). JIM, yeah, JIM gave Trousers the most brilliant Gardening Mug and Five Year Gardening Diary to bring home for me as a gift?
What a fantastically thoughtful and generous thing to do my darling!
Jim..... come here, and give Wellie a Right Royal Hug. X. Thank you SO much!
Now here (back to basics) I've got a wheelbarrow full of sheep poo that I collected from the field next door only yesterday, because knowing that rain is forecast, you get the mixture starting to 'mash' for free, before you tip it into another receptacle.

And.... I was delighted to discover, even with this very hard winter we've just been through, that the Comfrey I'd potted on to propagate my supply for 2010, has actually survived brilliantly, in the pots that kind of fell over, and shielded themselves beautifully from the extremes.
I'm also in the throws of rejuvenating my potted Mint. Mint loves to be given totally new space each spring to 're-invent itself', and you'll get a far healthier crop by allowing it to do this, with its roots allowed to roam free in new compost or soil.
Now then, there's a Garlic & Hazelnut Liver dish in the making for Trousers's dinner that I've never made before, and I will have to attend to right now, so I'm going to leave you until tomorrow.
So Forgive me disappearing?

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