Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Rainbow.......Want to know something for free?

Well, children, if you wait long enough in life, one day, just one day, the end of the rainbow can truly be yours!
And where better for it to land, than in my 'Not So Draughty Dutch Greenhouse' (note to self: give your greenhouses much shorter names in future Luv, as it'll take you less time to write the blog?)

And so I suggested to Trousers that maybe he should take his Lucky Detector into the field behind the greenhouse, as perhaps 'someone upstairs' might just be pointing a helpful finger in the right direction for your detecting?  How are we to know that there's not just a pot of Roman Coins, but a dead expensive million pound diddly-wotsit from Saxon times buried there?  (You can tell that I'm not very knowledgeable on the detecting front at all Jim, can't you, can't you?!)

Well, I know it's unusual for me to update the blog mid-week, but there's footie on the telly, and I've had to cover the cat's ears yet again, as Trousers is turning the air blue in the sitting room (see Wellie shake her head), yet another 'Naughty Corner' within The Funny Farm, as if there weren't enough already.....!

Anyway, you might be interested to know that my hurty elbow isn't playing me up quite as much as Sunday, but I did nearly hit the Chiropracter on Monday when he poked it.  Evidently it isn't RSI or Tennis Elbow, it's because I whacked it and I've bruised the bone.  Well 'whoopy doo', that'll make it okay then yeah?

The Funny Farm garden is becoming ever more increasingly exciting as the days progress now.  The Daffs are finally beginning to emerge, and the Tulips are forming.  The Elephant Garlics are beginning to sprout.
The Raspberry canes I relocated are (thankfully, phew, thank you Lord!) showing signs of revival....
Both The Peach AND The Nectarine trees in the.... Peach & Nectarine Greenhouse(!) are in full, full bloom, and I've never seen quite so much blossom in such a tiny space before.  Truly, that is the most fantastic sight I've seen in a very long time......  Now all we have to do is to cross our pinkies, and hope that I've done a good job 'hand-pollinating' (which I've done religiously every day with a weenie paintbrush), but basically, they've got two choices. And once they've decided, I've then got to 'thin' the fruits and everything............

I rather sadly counted my germinated Parsnip seedlings today.  I say sadly, because I'm not sure I've ever stooped so low before and actually 'had to'?  But what with my cat having sat on most of them, the resident foxes trudging all over them every night, and a very Vicki Pollard 'whatever', I think I've got 50ish that have survived as far as 'seed-leaf' stage.  So, upbeat news out of 70ish for me.
And with the unpredictability of my Early, Mid & Late Leek germinations in module trays, I've sown more Leeks today, just to be on the safe side.  Honestly, trust Wellie, you can never ever have too many Leeks in the kitchen.  Grown at anything from 6"-9" apart in a straight line, (see Wellie do the Austin Powers "ditto" action) you'd never even know they were there!

Anyway, my gorgeous cat is asleep on the dining room table, not a mouse's whisker away from my hurty elbow, and the noises coming from the sitting room now indicate that The Ball Game is finally finished.
(Evidently someone scored or something?)

Ouch?!.....No, I jest..... Each to their own.  I just love compost under my fingernails and growing stuff, and cooking stuff. But what I love most, is doing that for the man that I love.
The Delicious Miss Wellie.....Doesn't have quite the same ring as 'The Delicious Miss Dahl' does it?

And I'd hope not.
Bless You for being here. X.



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