Sunday, 21 March 2010

Rhubarb Rhubarb, No Custard

With there being nil de Rhubarb on The Funny Farm when we arrived last April, I promptly purchased two, and planted them into buckets, because I had completely no idea where I'd eventually want them sited, and knew not how much sun each part of the garden got, and when. So they're ready to be planted now, each into their own well-rotted FYM enriched planting holes. One is 'Victoria', and the other 'Glasnevin Perpetual'.

Similar to the new Asparagus plants (below) 26 at last count, I shall only harvest the odd stick or two from Vicky & Nevin this year, just to allow them time to settle into their new homes without being too raped or pillaged.

For the emerging Asparagus shoots, and Parsnip foliage, you do need very keen eyesight, but it is SO exciting! Every morning I'm out there with my Toast, Coffee and The Cat, taking stock of what's happened since I last looked (which is always yesterday evening with a cold glass of Pinot.... give the plants a chance Wellie!)

The Parsnips have had some Environmesh over them for the last couple of weeks, on account of the fact that 'someone' was disturbing the Loo Roll 'stations'. I have today caught my cat sat on one or two of them, but there's about 70 of them, so I can probly afford to lose a couple me thinks....
And having shown you loads of lambs recently, I thought I'd bring you this rather lovely tranquil moment from just outside our front gate yesterday afternoon... Dozey and Dorris, I think you'll find.

Trousers went Detecting again today with a local group, and so with it being such a lovely sunny day, Wellie got out into the back garden for a bit of A Tidy Up. I waged war on an old overcrowded Goosegog bush, and took a large congested central tangle of stems out, and did a mammoth amount of weeding of tiny chickweed & speedwell seedlings, which will really help in keeping the weeds down this summer.
Even if I DO say so myself, the Kitchen Garden is really starting to take shape now.
In the Not So Draughty Dutch Greenhouse, the potted up Wallflowers and Tulip Bulbs are progressing nicely, and the HA & HHA flower seedlings are just beginning to get their true leaves. It's all kinda slow progress, but steady enough for the time of year, so I'm happy.
Once again, thank you so much for being here and taking an interest in our plot.
And see you next time. X

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