Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Good News, Bad News, Good News

Good News first then? The noo Conservatory floor is beginning to happen, but the Bad News is that it's meant that there are certain areas in the noo kitchen that haven't quite yet got completed, so it means having to shufty things from 'there to there' every morning still.

Still! It's a pleasure to see it all beginning to take shape at last, and I've finally managed to locate my Cook Books from every possible corner of the Farmhouse, into one bookshelf thingy (I've still got endless recipes that I've cut out from magazines in the wooden chest in the Sitting Room still to process and I do remember my friend Hazel at The Hill saying that her friend Jane does recommend 'De-Cluttering' on a regular basis.. Mmm.... Some of my best recipes are hidden amongst those pages, so best not just yet, eh?

Definitely the bad news...... is all the dust. Believe me, I can DO dust, but this is on a Crisp scale, and we're nowhere near the 6 month mark?!
Don't get me wrong - Life couldn't, and shouldn't always be a bed of roses, however much we want it to be. you wouldn't appreciate the gorgeous opportunities ahead of you if you focussed on Yesterday, and I am definitely looking forward.
I can see an amazing Tomorrow, and it makes me smile all the more.
Biodynamically, it was a Root Day yesterday, so I did indeedy sow some more Parsnip seeds.
Outside wasn't so clement, so I shall bide my time a while yet, even with the cloches, unless it ruddy well warms up a few degrees? Brr!
And tomorrow's a Flower Day, so, depending on what else I have to do, will be governed by what gets sown.
For those of you who have children (I don't, but still am one, obviously!) I can't HELP but report to you that there are some GORGEOUS lambs being born on the farm at the moment?
They are so very, very tiny and cute. I sincerely hope that I never lose my ability to be completely enthralled and captivated (whilst being a sensible adult that realises that a Fox can take one at any given moment, naturally)
"Where there's Livestock, there's Deadstock". Excellent advice, and very true.....
But I enjoy these beautiful Spring Babies out of my windows and on our Doorstep every single day, and I can't begin to tell you how happy they make me feel.
I love it so much! X
Thank you for listening, and be here - just BE here next time, yes?!

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