Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Jumps Up'n'Down....then goes Ouch!

The neighbour de-decked someone's decking for them, and as a favour, removed it from their garden.  He had got 'plans' for using it on some project or other himself, but had nowhere to store it properly, so kindly offered the planks to me for edging my kitchen garden beds. I was over the moon! (see Wellie jump up and down...)

With the much sunnier weather, and the recent glazing of my 'mini-me' greenhouse, the girls are growing a treat now.  And that's not compost in the potting tray, it's my cat (obviously, why wouldn't it be!) - she's got a thing about curling up for a snooze, especially if I'm kind enough to put some horticultural fleece in there for her added comfort.

I must take better care of my mature box topiary this year.  I only lost one of the balls, having dug them up two years ago to move, but the rest seem to have begun growing again.  They just need some liquid feed and a jolly good haircut!  I was out in the paddock picking up Sheep Doo-Doo last week....as ya do, it's amazing how much you can collect in half-an-hour - it's all soaking in a big trug of water beside the shed, and should be ready to use in a couple of weeks.
Only another 15 or 20 Parsnsips to dig up and consume - bit sick of Parsnips now, if truth be known, but I've got a lovely Denis Cotter (amazing Irish Vegetarian Chef) recipe for Parsnip, Potato & Wild Rice Rostis, which freeze well.
Only about another hundred and fifty leeks to use up....! but I adore leeks anyway.  Make a brilliant base for any flavour Risotto or Quiche, don't they Sheilas?

Most of my herbs survived the freezing Winter we've just had, apart from the Rosemary, so I'll have to replace and reposition that somewhere more cozy.  This archway could have nice smelly Sweet Peas up it this year me thinks, and once the Viburnums and Hibiscus come into leaf, it'll add intrigue to the garden beyond.
I was wondering why I was a little on the stiff side when I woke up this morning! but wow! was it worth it!  as the majority of the veg beds have had a goodly dollop of two-year-old homemade compost now.... shame to see it disappear so quickly, but then I am rather spoilt with the huge mountain of farmyard manure waiting round the corner with my name on.......


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