Sunday, 27 March 2011

More Pomp 'n' Ceremony Needed

 Welcome to another Funny Farm Blog update Kids.....  With the weather having been SO beautiful all week long, and so much hard work done, and loads of jobs chalked off the noticeboard, I feel really blessed to have learned to grow our own food, because I feel like the cat that's got the cream at the moment.

The above photo is Wellie's waist-line Sheila Strawberry Bar.... Last year, it was in a much shadier place, and grew salad crops, and quite frankly, I fancied a change (as ya do) and my Strawbs were needing a far superior home now to crop to their ultimate potential.  And besides, at ground level, there's real nasty invasive Horseradish growing, so soil-level land is pretty useless to me productively, and now I've effectively regained the land on a higher plane.  Clever Wellie......

Check out the farmhouse brekkie I cooked Trousers this morning.  For all you blokes reading this blog - good things come in small packages/a little bit of what you fancy does you good, and with the heart-shaped fried egg and last summers' homegrown cherry tomatoes gently defrosted in the Rayburn  (feel free to ignore the 'Egg Man' on the left, that didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped?!  I was going to fry 'Eggy Sheeps', but my fave Sheep Cutter is broken in one corner, and the egg would've just run out into the frying pan). For some strange reason, Trousers says that A Shrink wouldn't know where to start with me?

Personally, I don't know WHAT he means! Because I enjoy making myself laugh, and occasionally, he laughs as well?!

I can't believe that he hasn't taken top-drawer photos of the raised beds he built for me yesterday,  because I wanted so much to show them off to you, although in the 4th photo you can just about take a peek, so I'll maybe do another blog update this week for a better tribute on his behalf, because he right royal deserves it.

 Note to self: must learn to upload photos from camera to 'puter myself, as Trousers now WAY too engrossed in Metal Detecting Forum to upload the correct and 'agreed' photos earlier chosen .
Anyway, the first early spuds in large tubs were treated to a well-rotted FYM earthing up this weekend, and check out the new raised bed with the box spiral - in true pantomime style "It's Behind You"!

The Kitchen Garden Potager is truly beginning to take shape structurally now and starting to intrigue me, so watch this space.X

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