Saturday, 12 March 2011

Saturday.... because I've let Trousers have the camera tomorrow?!

When Wellie's Fert'n'Liza Flobalob sat down round the garden table this afternoon with their friends, after this very very long Winter, they were delighted to see Uncle Trousers finally glazing The "Mini-Me" Greenhouse for Wellie and her gardening cat to work in.  The "Drafty Dutch" Greenhouse has so many panes of glass and perspex missing now, that Wellie can't effectively use it, and the "Peachy-Nectarine" Greenhouse is right royal leaking because the front is coming away from the rest of it.  But I shall do whatever I can, to do my best, with what I've been blessed with.

I've got a multitude of Tomato, Aubergine, Pepper, Globe Artichokes, Lettuces, Spinach, Chard, Cauli, Cabbage, Carrot, Parsnip, Hardy Annuals, The World His Wife And His Aunty seeds on the go at the moments in my north-east-facing Conservatory, and whilst the conservatory benefits from the warmth of the Funny Farmhouse house walls, I still insist on bringing the Tommies and Tenders into the warm kitchen overnight.  Afterall, there's no point germinating them, then neglecting them, eh?
And in order to make room in my kitchen garden now for this year's crops, I'm harvesting the last of my Autumn Leeks, very late sown that now amount to 'Mini-Leeks' that you'd pay a fortune for in the supermeerkats.  I'm of the brigade that uses the whole leek, not just the white bit, and when they're as sweet and tender as this, it really makes sense.  But I have loads of later-sown Winter Leeks that are just beginning to get a good 'girth' on, to follow on to feed us in 'The Hungry Gap' of the year, before other stuff is ready.


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