Sunday, 8 March 2015

Asleep Forever in My Broken Heart.....but Never More Loved

I'm devastated to have to report to you all that BC, my beloved black cat, my very special and precious little girl had to be put to sleep today.

Her failing kidneys and latest episode of Cat Flu, were far more than she could handle, and as much love and care as I gave her, when she'd 'had enough' and stopped eating, so rapidly deteriorating, she gave me her permission to end her beautiful life.

It's never an easy call to make, but Marlow Vets came here to The Funny Farm, and she died in my loving arms at lunchtime, just where she would have wanted to be.

As I sit here writing this painful blog update, looking at her next to me, wrapped up snug in my garden fleece, I'm wondering where she'd like her Big Sleep to begin underneath 'Mother Nature's Duvet'....
Perhaps I'll ask Trousers what his thoughts are.x

It's been an incredibly difficult day for me today, but a very positive one too. My friend Medina sent me THE most beautiful text, saying that I could not have been a more wonderful mum to BC, and this is why she chose me all those years ago. In all honesty, I do feel honoured that BC chose Trousers and I like she did, and so very grateful to her for showing me just how deep a love can go into your heart, like hers' did, leaving me with a lasting warm glow within my soul, and a sparkly twinkle in my eyes.

Tomorrow I shall return to work at The Potting Shed with a renewed spring in my step, an extra twinkle in my eyes, and over a decade of fond memories to keep me smiling forever. Bless you BC.....
Mummy Loves You For Ever and Ever.x

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